Monday, December 1, 2008

Date 2 - Bad Boy Gone Good

NOTE: I am randomly reprising past dates until I come up with something interesting to say or...have a date. It's not for lack of opportunity. I'm taking a break while I muster up the courage to "get out there" again. I'm reprising dates from the beginning when I had no blog readers. I would never be redundant. Not on purpose.

We met at a wine warehouse party where folks who appreciate fine wine but lack the resources to support their pretension, store their wine

I have a car but not a garage so basically I’m in the same boat.
He insisted on picking me up. But’s it only date 2.

"I'll meet you there" I said, defeating any hope of remaining obscure because he already had my address.

Cast of characters:

1. 90 year old founder of a non-profit
2. 2 Attorneys
3. Flight attendant and her much older husband
4. Me and the Christian Playboy

Odd mix, like trail mix. (A couple of old nuts and one dried fruit.)
I felt the evening took a dive when my date revealed an alarming resemblance to a laughing Hyena. (Laughing out of proportion to the humor in any remark, especially those of the blond stewardess).

I felt out of place. Too much small talk. I can participate for 5 minutes. Then, I need meat.
I excused myself at 10:30. He walked me to my car. The next morning he called to remark that he loves talking to me and can't wait to kiss me.
One more thing. He lied about his age. His profile indicates that he is 57. He's REALLY 60.
Question: Is he too old for me??
Restaurant Review (*) One star
It wasn't a restaurant, rather a wine cellar. The event was catered. Silver chafing dishes filled with Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, buns, potato salad and coleslaw.There was live music, art work featured on the walls, a cigar and wine tasting room. It's a cool place.
Random thought: Can a person who likes classical music (me) ever get along with a person who doesn't (him). Answer below. (It's Pavarotti and James Brown singing together)

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Briana said...

I have very fond memories of walking through the UMC (University Memorial Center) on Friday afternoons, when they had a bratwurst cart with sauerkraut and an assortment of condiments. I had never had one before, and I must say, I enjoyed it.

Hedgie said...

His profile indicates that he is 57. He's REALLY 60.
Question: Is he too old for me??

Too old? Too old?? Hrummmph! Might it not be that you are too young to truly appreciate those of us of genuinely mature years? See if I offer to let you look at my etchings. Or listen to my Saint Saens collection. Too old, indeed. mutter mutter grumble

cw2smom said...

Loving your blog and I'd love to follow you but I can't see how to on your page. I'll do a bookmark I guess! Happy adventures in dating! Mine are not going so well! Lisa

Charmaine said...


I have always dated men approximately 10 years older then myself.

This bloke was well over that.

That was not really the problem. This feller asked me to pay for the second date. THAT was the real problem. Grumble and mutter all you like. I continued to date him...but then I ran out of money.

Rather then question my should have questioned his behavior.

Charmaine said...


Tell me about it sista. Dating the available men these days is a bitch.

Recently, and older gent held open the door as I walked into the bank.

I almost passed out.

Hedgie said...

I have always dated men approximately 10 years older then myself. This bloke was well over that.

Land o' goshen, honey child -- you're just barely past bein' jailbait!

TesoriTrovati said...

Hi Charmaine! Thanks for finding my little blog (even though I did my best to thwart you from trying...obviously I am just a newbie at this...heehee!) I think your writing is really good...and funny...and wow. Can't believe these losers are real! You are one brave girl to wade through the frogs. I am holding out that there will be a prince among them! Thanks for the laughs!