Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Booty Call

You are wondering, perhaps, will Charmaine succumb to the dreaded "booty call' tomorrow night? Is she a hussy, or not?

Wait for it. Right now the thought of seeing Evil Surfer Dude has me in ill humour. In fairness, there was a time I contemplated marrying the man. (See tomorrows R-rated post.) I want to offer you some history, Cover your eyes, no small children puleez.

Let's take a break from dating, shall we?

This is my nephew Brody. I love this boy in a way that astounds me. His mother, my kid sister, (the one I lived to torment) is an attorney who generally exhibits sound judgement. Alas, she allowed her husband to take him to the barbershop today.


After. Ahhh. Mothers beware.

If you check blogs, check out "My Baby Sis -The Lawyer" to read her true confessions including how she dropped Brody on his head.

My mother dropped me on my head too. It's a family tradition. I think. I can't remember. For God's sake I was dropped on my head. Show some compassion.


P.O.M. said...

I am seeing some patterns that are not good.
Silly fight
Break up
Back together

Is it a control thing with you?
Methinks perhaps.

Go to "Roadrunner Sports" at Triangle Square and have them analyze your gait. Especially if you are going to start running more. THey will help you figure it out.

Michelle J said...

Hello, i found you from p.o.m.!

Crash Hot Potatoes??? HOW???

Also, i love your blog!! Your funny and i can totally relate!!

Your nephew is a cool looking dude!!!


Michelle J said...

Thanks for the potato recipe!! Looks and sounds awesome. I am on my way to Whole Foods right now to get some red potatoes!!! I am quite sure i will love it as i do love anything involving potatoes, salt and the use of a potato masher!!! :O) I do not eat meat (well the real kind anyway) but i am sure i can find an appropriate substitute!!!

SF said...

I met Brody last night and he didn't have his hair UP....bummer :-) cute kid, nonetheless.

congrats on losing your re-virginity! It is a goal of mine, too!

Briana said...

Gobs of hair gel later, Brody's initial obsession that his mohawk spiked up perfectly has waned. He has probably learned from me that sometimes, it's just not worth the effort.

Charmaine, are you finding it odd that people are cheering your recent venture between the sheets as though you not only ran, but won, a marathon?

Michelle J said...

Guess what? I made the potatoes and they are amazingly delicious!! I took some photos i will post soon on my blog!! Thanks so much for this recipe, they are really great!!!

Hedgie said...

See tomorrows R-rated post.

*quivering in anticipation*

Hedgie said...

Request granted. No problem at all.

Hedgie said...

(I'm startin' to feel like a jumpin' bean.)

You have a message back over there.

Diane said...

How did I miss the Evil Surfer Dude post?! I can't wait to read about tomorrow. Hope he brings some good... ummmm... presents.

PS... crazy hair or not, the kid's adorable.

Heather said...

Brody is cute!

Simplicity said...

Wow! Somehow your post is in the FUTURE! December, 2009. Do you own a Delorean that you haven't told us about!?

I'll be at home on Saturday night with popcorn catching up on people's blogs so can't wait for the follow up post. :)

That kid is adorable!!