Friday, February 1, 2008

Date Night - Doug

Date 1 - Bandera, Corona Del Mar

I've decided the best thing about dating is arriving 15 minutes early... and checkin' out the local color (middle-aged men). Bandera is middle-aged man MECCA.

Oh Lord, bring me to the holy land. Or, praise Allah...whatever.

Don't believe me? Meet me there next Thursday.

I never noticed men noticing me before. Maybe they did, I just never noticed. When you're alone in a restaurant you have to notice. You're eyes have to go....somewhere.

Favorite Quote:"You're kinda cute. Not in a gorgeous classically beautiful unapproachable bitch kinda a way, but in an average girl next door kind a way.
This man was very overweight. Nothing like his picture above. He had man boobs and man hips. I didn't care right up until the moment he graced me with the above comment.

Restaurant Review **** (4 stars)
Middle age women and men are everyone. EVERYWHERE!! Some nights appear to be octagenarian night. If you middle aged (like me) on those nights you'll be a young hot chick. Food is great. Simple, direct and I love it. We had grilled seabass, green beans with olives and fingerling potatoes and mashed potatoes and a zippy little salad of baby greens with corn bread croutons. It's really dark in Bandera. I look younger in the dark.