Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hillbilly Adventure

I know I'm talking to the wind...

But you should know I'm embarking on a Hillbilly Adventure.

I've lived in Colorado for 2 years.  I am now a hillbilly. (sobs, straightens cowboy hat...spits)

I'm driving a truck with a four (4) horse trailer to CA. Not a two (2) horse trailer, that's for amateur hillbillys.

There won't be horses in the trailer. (I plan to jump in when I arrive at the porte cochere of Four Season in Vegas where I will break my journey.

I'll whinny know, make horse impressions.  I'll give the evil eye to the Valet guys.

On the way back it will be filled with the furniture I left in CA.

This will make it official.  I will cease to be a Californian.

If you look at my drivers tells a different story.