Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Married!

What can I say?  The man simply wore me down.

There are only so many "I love you", "You're so beautiful", comments a woman can take...before she breaks...(I mean before he get's a clue.) so...

We got married in an open cockpit bi-plane flying over the Pacific Ocean.

I mean...

We went to the County Records department.

The Records Clerk filled in the preliminary documents.

"You've got 30 days to get married," she said.  Sign here and return.  When I record it, you're married.

"Oh good," I said.  "I need a little extra time."

"Honey," said the Records Clerk leaning over the counter with eyes fixated on mine as if to communicate I was psychotic... "You've waited 51 years.  Do you REALLY need another 30 days?"

"You're right." I said.

I signed the damn thing.

And just like that, I was married.

Peer pressure is a bitch.