Friday, February 1, 2008

Date Night - Doug

Date 1 - Bandera, Corona Del Mar

I've decided the best thing about dating is arriving 15 minutes early... and checkin' out the local color (middle-aged men). Bandera is middle-aged man MECCA.

Oh Lord, bring me to the holy land. Or, praise Allah...whatever.

Don't believe me? Meet me there next Thursday.

I never noticed men noticing me before. Maybe they did, I just never noticed. When you're alone in a restaurant you have to notice. You're eyes have to go....somewhere.

Favorite Quote:"You're kinda cute. Not in a gorgeous classically beautiful unapproachable bitch kinda a way, but in an average girl next door kind a way.
This man was very overweight. Nothing like his picture above. He had man boobs and man hips. I didn't care right up until the moment he graced me with the above comment.

Restaurant Review **** (4 stars)
Middle age women and men are everyone. EVERYWHERE!! Some nights appear to be octagenarian night. If you middle aged (like me) on those nights you'll be a young hot chick. Food is great. Simple, direct and I love it. We had grilled seabass, green beans with olives and fingerling potatoes and mashed potatoes and a zippy little salad of baby greens with corn bread croutons. It's really dark in Bandera. I look younger in the dark.


Briana said...

There is a matchmaker woman who has a tv show. She was on Oprah explaining to women that their being single is all their fault in one way or another. Maybe you should call her!

P.O.M. said...

Amen Briana!

Then again, maybe I should call her too! ha ha.

Charmaine said...'s not MY fault??? Then I like being single.