Sunday, December 14, 2008

Roasted Ricotta Roma Tomatoes

This is not my last date.
I'm not opposed to dating a tomato and feel certain that one day I WILL date a tomato (or some other vegetable with legs). In fact, now that you mention it, hold on a second. I'll be right back.
Dear God,
If there IS a tomato in my future, could you at least make it a hot tomato? I mean, I'm not complaining but... haven't I suffered enough? Later, Charmaine

No dates. I'm not a machine, people. Let's cook instead. Join me, won't you?
Cast of Characters: Roma Tomatoes, Ricotta, Garlic, Parsley, Basil, Dry Bread Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese

Scoop out the inner flesh of Roma tomatoes. How many? I dunno. As many as you want, silly.

Sprinkle the cut halves with salt and turn upside down on a kitchen cloth to extract the icky juices.
I can't tell you why juices are icky. Personally, they've never done anything to me.

In a bowl mix one (1) Tablespoon of Ricotta per tomato half. Add a handful of chopped parsley and basil. Then add a bunch of chopped garlic and tons of salt and cracked pepper. (Ricotta is bland so it needs LOTS of salt.) If you have high blood pressure I apologize. I have high cholesterol but you don't see me complaining.

Fill with the mixture. So cute.

Pour dried bread crumbs into a bowl with equal parts of Parmesan and plop each tomato half face down into the mixture. If you've had a bad day say "Die sucker".

Hit each with a drizzle of olive oil and bake at 400 degrees until beautiful aromas arrive. This should take around 25 minutes.

Check 'em out. la la la. (Faints)

Sprinkle fresh herbs for shameless beauty points. (Faints again) Next time add extra Parmesan on top before you bake to achieve a hard Parmesan shell.

I'll be honest, the tomatoes are not really to die for but they're cute. Next time we are making Veal Scallopini with brown butter and capers which IS to die for. I was raised eating veal. I assume because my mother was attracted to the fact the baby cows had to suffer. But that's another post.

Cya. Gotta see a man about a Tomato.


Michelle J said...

Why hello there my girlie crush!!

Firstly, the word verification when i was signing in was myroackl. I don't know why that is relavant.

Now, did you take those photos? Was that your hand plopping the tomato half into the mixture? Nice use of the word plop by the way!!!

I could make a meal out of those things you call tomatoes!!

No need for the veal girlie!! Can we substitute some fish perhaps? Or even a breast. Of chicken???

But, for you, i would eat a very small taste of the to die for veal!!! ONLY FOR YOU!!

Have a great evening girlie!!

Your interview questions will be coming to you via email. So, be on the look out!!

May the force be with you!

Charmaine said...

That was not MY hand.

On this topic I prefer to

Similarly I would like to say, live long and prosper.

hee hee

Oh and I'm going to feature guest entries about dating. If you have a horrific enough date to share, maybe you will win the contest. I will post the winning date on my blog.

I haven't announced it yet. Since you're my girl-crush, I told you first. hee hee

Michelle J said...

Ok now i love you even more girlie crush!!

You told me first!!!! I have no words right now. My heart is pounding so loud i can only hear it!!

Nothing else!!

I am honored.

I love you girlie crush.

By the way, you drink wine, i drink chocolate milk!!!

Briana said...

Does your contest on the most horrific date exclude family and friends? I'm pretty sure I have a winner.

Charmaine said...

Family members are welcomed here.

Ann's Rants said...

That looks so delicious. That did not come out of a frozen food bag from Trader Joes. Traitor. :) I'm outta here, gotta kick this screen thing to the curb. At least before my husband leaves me again :)

Simplicity said...

I will try this tomato-plopping recipe to impress my friends along with my baked brie and hoisin chicken!

I laughed so hard at your side about holy hot tomatoes!

I have a date from hell's the main reason I don't do online dating anymore!!

Hedgie said...

All my horrific dates were my fault, so I refuse to discuss them. How about our most disturbing encounter with a tomato?

derfina said...

Nice lookin' tomatos ya got there, girlie.

Charmaine said...

Sorry Hedgie. I'm gonna have to hear about your dates with humans. There is a cash prize...did I forget to mention that?

You can tell us about the day you met your wife. That, quite possiblly, might win. Stories with a happy ending are irresistable to old broads like me.

Hedgeguard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hedgeguard said...

{Sorry -- I left out a sentence.}

"You can tell us about the day you met your wife."

Ex-wife, but that's okay (really). And it's simple.

The college theater director and I (I was the technical director of the theater) walked into the backstage area the day we were scheduled to begin construction of the set for our next production. There was a young woman sawing plywood panels with a power saw while explaining to all the males who were standing around helplessly watching, "This is how you cut wood with a saw." The director said, "There's your new stage manager." I said, "That's also the girl I'm going to marry." Three years later, I did. Twenty-five years later, we divorced. Skill with power tools isn't, alas, all that's needed for a successful marriage.

Braja said...

I didn't expect to laugh at a recipe :) but the die sucker line, and all the fainting, finally got to me...

Oh and Hedgie, that is NOT a happy ending...sheesh...there goes my appetite...

Hedgie said...

"that is NOT a happy ending"

Actually, it is. We're both much happier now than we were for the previous 10 - 12 years, and we get along very well with each other now, even to the point of liking each other as people -- something we'd forgotten how to do while we were married. We even talked about having me give her away when she remarried a year ago, but we finally decided not everyone who would be attending would have shared our sense of humor (her new husband, who's a great guy, thought it was a cool idea and was all for it).

SSP said...

i am not a tomato fan generally, but I am going to buy some tomorrow and make this for a party I am going to tomorrow night - YUM

as for the bad date story, girl, yer on, I will send you something that will girl the hair on your toes, if your circulation is good enough that you have hair on your toes..

and Hedgie, you are a technical director? still? where? I do think the idea of you giving away your ex is classic!!

Hedgie said...

I did the tech stuff at the college where I taught for about 10 years ('72 - '82) not because I knew anything about it but because there was no one else who would. It was all on-the-job training, rough-and-ready stuff, no subtly or finesse involved. Great fun but immensely demanding and eventually I tired of it.

French Fancy said...

hello, I saw you on Henry's sidebar and thought you sounded interesting. I like the sound of the tomato recipe - I won't come back for the veal (brainwashed by my dad at an early age never to eat veal and I just can't - see, they did a good job on me) - but will come back again soon.

Diane said...

Those tomatoes look better than my last date. It was worth being sick to come back and read up on your dating woes... not that I'm laughing at you... no... I'm laughing WITH you (you WERE laughing, right? ;)

French Fancy said...

I've come back for two reasons - well apart from the fact that I like your blog -

1) I'm sure I went through Corona del Mar on our last West Coast hol - are you near Newport Beach...



2) 'The Yellow Wallpaper'was one of my texts last year for my OU course. It's a very unusual short story and it has interested me that you list it as one of your favourite books.

Charmaine said...


Heck yes I was laughing. (She said crying into her pillow...)


Corona Del Mar is the southern portion of Newport Beach.