Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Boy Gone Good

I'm still doing reprisals. I'm battling a little Christmas depression, perhaps? Groan.

Dating is hard on us old broads.
A glimmer of hope, a spark of attraction and then CRASH! ... sound of breaking glass and a hubcap rolling into the distance ....
This self-described "Bad Boy Gone Good", called me, irritated that I failed to return his call last night.
"Did you get my text?"
" No".
"Were you talking on the phone ALL night?
"I guess."
"You didn't have any energy left over for me then?"
"Um. uh" (I was talking on my cell for 3 hours. I probably have a brain tumor)
"Are you dating other men?"
"I'm talking to them."
"I guess I should go back to Maybe you're just not that interested and we should forget the whole thing."
"Are you saying you want a commitment after two dates?"
"Not exactly but...yea.
Question: How would you have responded?
Theme song from CRASH: Click on the link below.


P.O.M. said...

How can you NOT love a guy with 2 bellybuttons who brings you presents.

You are impossible to please woman!

Charmaine said...

What? Why are all of my readers against me?

I mean, why are my two readers against me?


Briana said...

How can the date of the date be in April? Are you psychic and having bad dates in the future?

Charmaine said...

All you people do is criticize. So I'm 30 days off. 30, schmirty....


"Ok. I changed it" She said sheepishly.

Marinka said...

Once a friend gave my number to some guy she met because I am from Russia and he was from Russia, so she decided to play Cupid. We never met, but he kept calling me, leaving increasingly annoying messages. My favorite one was "How can you expect this relationship to work if you are never at home?"

Charmaine said...


Only a man you'd never met would assume you were in a relationship.

Poor Schleps. But they're better then the ones YOU think YOU'RE in a relationship and see having dinner with a beautiful blonde at the Four Seasons.

Not that that has ever happened.

Comedy Goddess said...


Anyway, I gave you the award without strings. That's just the kind of girl I am. Hugs!

Hedgie said...

I'm battling a little Christmas depression, perhaps?

I guessing you just need the right kind of stocking stuffer to cheer you up.

pistols at dawn said...

When dudes are playing their initial cards and are already needy and jealous, it's not like that will ever go away. Plus, if you're such a former bad boy, why the rush for commitment?

Mike said...

Hey no fair you turned your reader off. I didn't even know you had new entries.

Anyway, commitment after 2 dates. Can we say needy?

Mike said...

Your blog no longer registers with my reader. Some people turn off there readers. How it all works is beyond me.

Mike said...

I'm a follower, but your still dead on the reader. You're not the only one. I have a few blogs I have to follow manually.

WA said...

Ooooh, what an intriguing blog you have here! Is that the man in question's picture? I think he used to be on "Night Court". No?


Charmaine said...

WA - Yup, that's him.

At first I felt...dirty posting their pics but I figured they were on the dating website part of the public domain, right?

That's what I tell myself at night. So I can sleep.

Hedgie said...

"they were on the dating website part of the public domain, right?"

Er, no. They won't enter public domain and thus become free for anyone to use for another 75 years, more or less, depending on exactly how long each individual lives. It also depends upon who actually took the pictures.

Michelle J said...


Just say NO!!!!

Michelle J said...

Hey girlie i'm blue too!!!

Things suck, then get better!!!


Charmaine said...


If you post your picture on the internet isn't it a given? It's not like the images are copywritten.

Hard to believe both of my sisters are attorneys eh? heh heh

In all truth, I have become more sensitive to this. I tell the guys I have a blog. If they request I not use their picture I don't. See tomorrows post, Sir Talk-Alot.

Then expect some new material. Date tomorrow.

Hedgie said...

If you post your picture on the internet isn't it a given?

Absolutely not; I can post a poem or an image on the internet of my own choice; however, that does not mean that anyone else can freely use that work without my permission. To do so would be considered a violation of my intellectual property rights.

It's not like the images are copywritten.

This, alas, is a common misconception. This website will give you more detailed information but here's the introductory paragraph from that site:

Image Copyright

Copyright is legal protection for the author of creative/original works, essentially this gives the author exclusive rights to reproduce, sell and broadcast the work. The laws are country specific, but many countries are signatory to The Berne Convention which gives reciprocal protection to other countries copyright works. This protection is normally automatic, no action or bureaucratic process is required by the author in order to 'copyright' the work.

If you have permission, then there's no problem. But if you don't, there could be. After all, some of these photos accompany write-ups about the photoed individuals which aren't always exactly flattering. If such a person took offense and hasn't granted you permission to use the image (unless it's one that you took yourself), then he would have a legal case against you.

I suspect it's unlikely, but you need to be aware that it is possible.


Hedy said...

This is a fabulous blog and you're a great story teller. Can't wait to read more about your adventures.

Charmaine said...


Pictures are not always considered intellectual property.

The 75 year law was enacted to protect celebrity photos and the like from being shamelessly reproduced for profit.

Lucky for me I have many lawyers in my house. I will produce an answer regarding this, shortly.

I am prepared to be wrong. Are you?

Hedgie said...


(I am, after all, an adult. Absolutely. Certainly. Undeniably. Unequivocally. Of course, I can't say I'd like it, and I won't promise not to yell, kick, scream, pound my fists and feet on the floor, hold my breath until I turn intriguingly purple, and throw shatterable objects into the fireplace. But I am prepared.)

Henry the Dog said...

I would probably have bitten his bum. How come your site isn't updating on my blog list???

Simplicity said...

Holy smokes! Needy much?

I don't do needy. It makes me feel icky!

I would have told him to go find somebody who has the time and willingness to answer his 15 calls per day...cause that's what it usually evolves into. Not that it's ever happened to me...

SSP said...

you are not updating on mine either, but maybe it is cuz you are re-posting and the sneaky rats at blogger see that and don't count it as a new post??

Don't be blue C....this too shall pass, and a whole new year lies before us, sparkling and clean, just waiting for us to screw it up and make everything go tragically wrong...But hope spring eternal - maybe THIS will be the year we have waited for?

Briana said...

One of my favorite things is when non-lawyers think they understand the law (that and people asking for free legal advice).

If the person making the original publication obtained an official copyright, or accompanied the publication with a specific prohibition of further publication, then obviously, no one else can publish the article (or photo) without permission.

Luckily for me, if the law were that simple, there would be no lawyers!

The issue here is whether or not a photo published on a public website, without the aforementioned methods of copyright protection, is still protected from further publication?

That would depend on whether the original publication was "limited" or "general?" (You didn't find that on that non-legal website, did you Hedgie)!

As stated in the 1904 case, Werkmeister v. American Lithographic Co., "A general publication consists of such a disclosure, communication, exhibition or distribution of the subject of the copyright, tendered or given to one or more members of the general public, and implies an abandonment of the right of copyright". Werckmeister v. American Lithographic Co., 134 F. 321 (2d. cir) 1904.

As someone who has analyzed my fair share of cases, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that Charmaine can publish the photos of these dudes without their permission.

Hedgie, let me know when you start practicing medicine.

Charmaine said...


Don't ya love my punk ass kid sister? I think the common misconception is that people who are not lawyers think they understand the law. That's why they have to study it for 3 years.

I don't know what I love more about her; the fact that she has never lost a case, nope not one, or that she agrees with ME.

I guess the point is that when you post something on a blog or internet site anyone can access it becomes public or "general".

If you wrote a poem, and it was in sitting on your desk it WOULD be protected. Or say a set of blue prints for a house, even if they were not offically copywritten the implication is that they are for a specific use despite the fact lots of folks can see them hence, are protected.

She said that web site you referred to was a piece of crap. Yea, she talks like that.

Hey everybody, start asking my kid sister for free legal advice. She was just joshin' ya. She loves it.

She's smart (was second in her class) and she swears like a fish wife.

Everyone loves her, except my mother. My mother only loves me cuz I give her money. Duh.

Hedgie said...

Aw right, aw right -- UNCLE!!! I admit defeat, grovel appropriately and humbly before your superior knowledge, and wallow in abject misery in the Slough of Despair.

(But, gee, ya know, it's kinda fun when 2 of 'em jump on ya like that -- I sorta liked it. A lot.)

Braja said...

Response: Well sure, honey, just jog my memory here: you're the one who's better looking than George Clooney, richer than Croesus and doesn't want a pre-nup, is older than me and filled with the manners, charm and experience of an older man but has the love-for-life approach of a 25 yr old, tells all the best jokes, loves his mother and has no issues with her, and owns that white & glass palm-fringed mansion on the cliff over the beach. Right?"

OK maybe better if it were in a text message format...

How to collect? Just copy and past the picture and put it on your site with a title of "I'm a talk show host" linking to my site. It's a reciprocal thing, but only if you're into it. No obligation.

Now can we talk about the Taj hotel guy? Cos I was serious about that comp... :)

Braja said...

Hedgie you seem nice but be quiet...

Braja said...

Then again, it's always so kickass to see "32 comments" on your site... :) Way to go Hedgie :) Now I'm coming after you...

Hedgie said...

Ominous but oddly . . . stirring.

Anonymous said...