Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Still in reprisal mode. I thought I'd go easy on ya and give you a short post.

The man above speaks like Borat's twin brother. He sounds just like him: “You want make sexy time?”

We had some language difficulties.

His profile indicated that he was from LA.

When he wrote to me he told me he lived in, Bosnia. Yes, that's right. Apparently its quite lovely. a
He’a physician…you know how I love the doctors! (See Dr. Cop-A-Feel) post.

Our first correspondence went like this:

Dear Charmaine, i went reed your profiterole (profile) are wired (weird) but the way I am in Bosnia on you will find in my nutshells...tells all.

Dear Borat, I’m not sure what your nutshells are telling me.

Dear Charmaine, I didn’t think you wild (would) respond. My nutshells telling you lot.

After further misuse of the word "nutshells" which, for the record, I was interpreting in a profane way, Borat told me that I was smart and this could scare a man, but not him.

I knew this was the kiss of death.

And it was.


Michelle J said...


HAHA!!! My mouth started watering just thinking about that pastery!!

You crack me up girlie!!!

Charmaine said...


I liked talking about his nutshells.

Of mind is in the gutter.

ted stratford said...

have you no shame woman?

Hedgie said...

Greatings beautyfill person of another sex,

I am smurfing internet and finding you blog and seeing that you be liking foreign medical personages of such sort as I be. Immediately I making much lust of you and knowing that I be that personage of which your gizzard dreams to be mucilaged together with for everways. My own sole experiencees no doudbts of the truce of my deeply-feelinged emoticons for your desiriousingly giblets. As token of our soles' meating and joining in forever gridlock, pleese to be acceptating forthcoombing bouquet of national flour of my homeplace (not to be minding smell -- it goes away after some number of days). Pleese to be sending address where I can be meating you soonly.

Respectingfully and ungentingly and lusting fully your solemate,

Gareethquern Raspellanturgal
Licensed and Bonded Tree Surgeonpersonage

Hedgie said...

1000's of pardons, solemating personage of another sex,

Link to my bouquet for you not be making work right. Hear is proper thing for you to seeing deepest ecspression of my gizzard:

G. R.

Charmaine said...


You are now the funniest, and clearly most intelligent, man that I know.

Thank you for the corpse flower.

And to think, it all started with an insult.

H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hedgie said...


Thank you, thank you, I deeply apprecia --- Whooooooaaaaa! Hang on there just a minute. Jumpin' Jehosophat, if I didn't know better, why, I'd almost think that you were -- were -- were ---flirting with me!

Well, little missy, two can play at that game.

I absolutely aver, with no hesitation whatsoever and with not the slightest possibility of contradiction from any conceivable source, that I, personally and of my own free will, totally unsubjected to any undue external influences and devoid of any ulterior motives other than the perfectly obvious ones, do indeed hold your giblets in the highest possible regard.

Ha! Top that.


NOTE: I accidently posted this just above using an old account which would have left you wondering just who the heck was posting; I've deleted that posting to prevent confusion. Mea culpa.

Michelle J said...

Yes Charmaine, i enjoyed you talking of nutshells too! All this talk is turning me on. I am one horny woman wondering when my next profiterole will be???

You are very impressive! Your writing is also a turn on. Can i have a nutshell please??

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness, this is too good. You ought to transform your entire blog into a movie script. No one would believe that it is non-fiction! It's better than "Must Love Dogs"!!

JIMSIGHT said...

wow its getting a little frisky in this chat room...oh wait its charmaines blog...pardon me...LMAO..

hey charming I did the sixty second thing on the scar I believe I am number 92...took me 58 seconds...and its pretty damn good...but then I am and ego-testicle maniac in keeping with the theme of todays reprisal...

Lyndsay said...

LOL, you almost make me want to date ... just for the blog fodder! I don't think my husband would appreciate that though. Hmmm.

Simplicity said...

OMG this is fantastic! I'm about to put up a profile somewhere just so I can have something to blog about!!

You are hilarious!

SSP said...

who says re-runs are no funny lady :-) mmmm nutshells...didja ever figger out what THAT meant?

Charmaine said...


I assume he was trying for the American colloquialism, "In a nutshell, I am a very nice man."

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