Saturday, December 6, 2008

Short Stop

We met at my favorite restaurant (230 Forest) in Laguna Beach. He was sitting at the bar sipping a dirty martini.

In person he resembled Mel Gibson. Sitting down he was quite handsome. Standing up he was approximately 5' 4".

After a delicious dinner we walked to the Surf and Sand Hotel (Splashes) for a night cap. We ordered coffee drinks. I haven't ' had a "coffee drink" since I was 21. Remember them? "Mexican Coffee please".

The waiter arrived with our "coffee drinks". We took one sip, immediately looked at each other and said:

"I hate coffee drinks".

We called Raol over to advise him of our discovery. We requested to exchange the coffee drinks for glasses of wine.

Raol did not understand this concept. But eventually we got our wine.

When Raol returned with the wine I said,

"I hate wine". I would like to exchange this for some whiskey, please".

Raol stared at me for 2 minutes without speaking.

My date cracked up.

I'm seeing him again tonight.


Briana said...

Ooh baby! Where can I get one?

P.O.M. said...

You love him.

JIMSIGHT said...

Are you sure he was sitting?

Charmaine said...


All I know is that this little feller was a short one indeed.

As it turned out, I had actually met him years ago. A date had brought me to his house where I had met him and his Much MUCH younger girlfriend. At the time I thought he was a.....I dunno...lech springs to mind.

JIMSIGHT said...

Lech dating, sounds like a ball...that is one of the many terms that comes to mind when people ask me why I refuse to date anyone under 40...oh and that little thing of having any type of history in common.

Comedy Goddess said...

Isn't Mel Gibson short too?

Sometimes the shorter ones try harder to please.

Michelle J said...

Short smhort!!! He's kinda cute! Horizontal we are all the same height aren't we??

Why are you out of the loop girlie???

JIMSIGHT said...

Hey sista, why no comments from you on mine?

Charmaine said...


Basically I live outside of the loop where I tend to wear REALLY high heels.

There is more to this story...I did not care that he was short. Our second date lasted 10 hours...hee hee

Diane said...

OK, short or not, the man is cu-ute.

Simplicity said...

My ex was significantly shorter than me. I didn't care.

The only time it ever bothered me was in pictures when it looked like if I sat on him he would be squashed to death! So, we only took head shots.

Charmaine said...

Simplicity, I know what you mean. I did not care that this fella was a little short. The thing I didn't like and...I don't know why it bothered me, was the fact that he had teeny tiny T-rex hands.

JIMSIGHT said...

Now that is funny.....hahahaahahhahahaha....touche Charmian.....and when I slide....I slide...