Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day Rejection


Mike said...

Hey we're not old.

When working on a billionaire go with the clevage. Worth every penny.

Charmaine said...


Dude. I did. He did NOT bite. But truth is I was avoiding him, avoiding eye contact, not know what I was avoiding but realizing that I had been advised to avoid this dude. Maybe he had an x in the room. Who knows.

Still, the bastard should have hit on me. grrrr

Michelle J said...

YO!!! The bastard doesn't know what he is missing!!! His loss!!! Plus who wants an old billionaire anyway!?? So, did you or did you not have fun??

The corn thingee sounds good to me!!

I hate meat. I just don't like the thought of eating some sort of slab of meat. GROSS!!!

I did partake in a bit of turkey though! It was just ok. Tonight i had sushi!! LOVE THAT!!! It was awesome. I will blog about it soon!!!

What are you up to?? Monday is December!!!

I did not see the cop who left me the ticket. What a dick!!! 2 freaking minutes late. Fuck that!!!

Charmaine said...


Yea. That bastard.ha ha

In real time...I would never have talked to him. Not ever.

I don't think I like meat either.

I kinda want to eat sushi forever.

JIMSIGHT said...

Always the Pool Boy disaster, sheesh. Did the billionair look like the babies?

SSP said...

hey anna nicole smith had an old billionaire too - didn't hurt her any....i wouldn't mind getting hit on by the cute guy across the waiting room - i am at the denver come all the hot guys don't live in tucson?? what the heck is THAT?? (and I enjoyed a healthy portion of meat slabs for all y'all!!)

Charmaine said...

Yes, the old billionaire muttered like a 6 month old sporting a similar amount of hair.

Having been advised that he hits on any available woman in the room...that's what created the perceived snub. ha ha

But I send a look like no other. I can freeze out any man. Futher, I just found out...his x-wife was seated at out our table.

I KNEW it. From now on I'm only going to date handsome men.

Simplicity said...

I can't find the button to follow your blog...but I will...cause you're funny as hell!! :)

Briana said...

Even old gross men can sense when there is no chance of success. Take it as a compliment.