Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Did it...AGAIN!

Nope. I did not see "Evil Surfer Dude". It's over.

We were on the phone discussing the upcoming weekend. I agreed to attend a Jr. college football game.

In return I wanted to drive to Mexico the following day to get drugs. Hee hee. I love saying that. I wanted Lipitor. (I ran out.) I no longer have insurance.

A diatribe ensued. In a raised voice he declared, "If you think for one minute I'm going to sit in traffic for 4 hours to cross the border you'd better think again...bla bla bla...I snapped and hung up. (The border is 20 minutes from his house. There is no 4 hour wait.)

It hit me at once. For the 100th time.

He cannot not, will not, do anything I want to do.

Clarity arrives in small moments.

I just had a little accident. That's the thing I did AGAIN.

A car was blocking my garage. There was room to get out if I changed my exit tragectory.

Then I started talking on the phone (forgot about the car) and....bang.

I pulled back into my garage and started shaking. There was no reason to shake, I'm an old broad with terrific insurance. Why was I shaking?

I returned to my house to pen a note to leave on the windshield. I couldn't write. My hands were shaking.

I was angry. So many folks park behind my garage, blocking me in, it makes me mad. I have not spoken up. I leave an occasional note on a car saying, please don't park here. The usual culprit is the man who lives behind me who initially made a stink about me parking in the ally. I stopped and, mysteriously, he began parking in the ally with a vengeance.

I returned to inspect the damage. To my surprise there was no damage to the black Mercedes SUV save a smear of paint from my silver Beetle. (Man oh man, I love my Beetle.)

I called my sister, an attorney, who told me to make a run for it.

Disregarding this legal advice, I wrote a note in wobbly handwriting. In my house I heard her car departing and ran after her to give her my note which included my phone number.

I felt good about this. That is, right up until the point that I realised that this woman might be "one of those" people who takes advantage. (Like the old man who had hit me formerly) She was "oh no-ing" and "oh my-ing" despite the fact there was no damage. Just a smear of paint. We both ran our hands over the smudge of paint which dusted off beneath our fingertips.

Something tells me this won't be the end. I'll tell you why.

My last accident (a man backed into me in his Porsche Cayenne). He advised his insurance company that I hit HIM. Wha? After hitting me he left the scene. I chased him down. I confronted him. He walked around my car (I had a smudge of paint on my rear fender and he said, "AH HA". Insinuating that I was an opportunist trying to make him take the rap for the tiny bit of damage he caused to the front of my car. It was nothing. Because of his denial I began to shake. He had backed into me...it would look like it was my fault.

I sent his insurance company a detailed drawing of what occured. He made up an entirely different scenario. It was his word against mine. I learned that such people exist.

I just wish I would stop running into them.

What happened today is what happened before only different.

I suspected a woman, for no reason, of being dishonest. I was the one who hit her.

If that man had not formerly suspected me, It would never have suspected her.

It would have never entered my mind.


Michelle J said...

Please stop being so hard on yourself pretty lady!! Be strong! I am here to help!! Yeah like i'm so strong huh?

Go out for a run and then cook something so good that all else will be forgotten.

Your a special woman!! Really you are!!!

Have the best Thanksgiving ever!!!

Love ya!

Mike said...

It's still an accident. It does shake us up.

Cool. Another lesson learned.

JIMSIGHT said...

I would say what an ass he is but he does a great job of that himself. Sounds like your forgetter is broken.

Sorry about the accident but shizel happens, yes? If it was blocking your garage I would have nailed the note to the hood...

Huh? your insurance ran out but your an old broad with great insurance? WTF?

JIMSIGHT said...

oh car insurance...nevermind..I am just an old dude..

Charmaine said...

Michelle, You're a dman interesting woman. I think if we met at a bar for a martini, despite the fact you don't really drink, we'd have fun.

Jim...you did NOT just say shizel. I'm laughing out loud. ha. ha. Still laughing.

Word to the Mike. You're an edgy feller. I like edgy. Tell me, do chiropractics really work?

Briana said...

As a licensed attorney, I feel compelled to dispute the assertion that I would advocate violating the law by leaving the scene of a crime. That would be a complete violation of every oath that I took during my swearing-in ceremony. That being said, there is a possibility that I raised the issue of accident victims with untoward motives, pursuing claims for damage not caused by the aforementioned accident. That did not constitute legal advice in any way, shape or form. Now that that's cleared up!

Charmaine said...


You told me to run which is what makes you a good attorney/psychologist cuz you know your big sis. Me? Run? That is what guilty people do.

Despite being frequently guilty, we are fallen Irish Catholics. We confess because doing so can be subversive. A dare.

When I confessed to the woman I was not penetant. I was saying..."you wanna a piece of me...bring it". ha ha

Further, don't illegally park in the ally behind my car or I will hit your car again. Harder next time.

News of this will spred and people may eventually stop parking behind my damn garage.