Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day


JIMSIGHT said...

Meal at my sisters was very straight forward...very tasty...but nothing out of the ordinary...first time all four sibs have been together since mom passed.

Why would anyone make a remark like that unless the shit was poisen...F him. Glad all is right with your world.

Mike said...

Happy it turned out better than you thought.

Charmaine said...

Jim - The corn thingee was actually delicious. Rick is a Dick. I took a bit off apple pie from his plate. He announced that he could no longer eat food after someone had touched it. He's going crazy.

Fresh corn, green onion, cream, chicken stock, parmesan and sauteed shitake mushrooms and a few freshly shucked peas. A quick whirl in the blender just to release some corn essence and bamb.

The food at my shin dig was awesome. One turkey, one turkey breast and a ham. A MILLION sides and English trifle for dessert.

Its fun to see how the other half lives. My hostess, despite being a gazillionaire is grounded and real (unlike her body parts)