Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm not tryin' to fool ya, just school ya.

I just typed my blog address into the search window (I'd spent hours re-typing new addresses in order to dislodge my blog address.) Why you ask?

While I was away in Denver "The Vern" was watering my plants. I wanted to avoid potential drama if he turned on my computer, saw my address history, noticed my blog name (it has my real name) and started reading about himself.

With each new address I entered, one of the existing addresses would fall off the bottom of the list.

My blog address was at the top. It took hours.

Talk about a guilty conscious.

When I'm on a mans computer I look in his window for a history of what he's been searching for on the internet. I'm sneaky. So far all I have found is that the men I date seem to have a penchant for gambling. Vern gambles on sports and Evil gambles on horses. But I'm not really dating either anymore. They are dying a natural death.

I don't understand gambling. I won't do it. I will, however, gamble with someone elses money. Once, in Vegas, Vern gave me 50 bucks. On penny slot machines I won over $800.00 in a couple of hours. He lost 3 grand.

My luck has to do with one thing. Being able to walk away. It's what makes me good at my job. When negotiating with suppliers on a clients behalf I'm willing to walk away. The suppliers can feel it. I almost always get what I want. I save clients alot of money this way.

In negotiating matters in my own self interest... I lose the ability.

I tried it at the swap meet last weekend. I offered less money for a mandoline (vegetable slicer). The woman in the booth knew I really wanted it. She would not budge.

I did walk away. I did find a cheaper one but I realised...I can only use my powers for others and not self gain. That makes me a good witch, right?

Here is what appeared on the screen when I typed in my blog address:

There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.
Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.

Now people. Despite this scandalous message, I am NOT trying to fool you. I think this message occured because I forgot to type in the www. prior to the address. Duh.

Try typing in your own blog address without the www. See if it happens to you. Then report back.

Next blog entry will be interesting. I promise.


Michelle J said...

So, besides searching for your own blog, you search for recipes!! Are you planning some sort of dinner party?? Because, i hope i'm invited!!!

Cauliflower Gratin
Haricots Verts Roast Fennel and Shallots
Roast loin of pork with fennel

Good menu, but i am vegetarian, so please no pork!!! :O)

Michelle J said...

I am very OK with champagne! Bring it on! Perhaps some scotch or absinthe, these seem to be popular drinks at dinner parties.

But, what do i know. I never really drink.

So, when is dinner? :O)

Laurie said...

No difference with or without the www. Keep writing though...I love reading your blog! (I'm a high school friend of SSP)

JIMSIGHT said...

I am such a spaz, I still just search you image and then go to mine from yours...ahahaahahahha

hope all is well,

Briana said...

The www is not the problem. I haven't typed that in any web address for so many years I can't even count. That's not it.

But I have the same problem that you do. I can advocate for someone else to the death, but not for myself. Lack of self-esteem, I guess.

SSP said...

what I would like to see in the next generation of computer keyboards, (and I have been saying this for YEARS) is one button that can put in the "www" or perhaps the ".com" and another one that gives you @ without having to hit Shift and the 2 key. Does anyone else besides me google everyone you know, including your self???

Charmaine said...

Jim. You like doing things the hard way. Admit it.

SSP - I google everyone...MOSTLY myself. It never fails to amuse me that I actually pop up. It makes me feel like a celebrity.

try it: charmaine peterson

Oh and I found this other site where you can find out if a person has any criminal activity. I had FIVE enteries. I'm very bad. So you don't freak out, it was 2 seat belt violations, 2 red light (snagged by those machines that were later dismantled cuz they were installed in notoriously slow moving intersections (I was innocent) and one speeding ticket.

JIMSIGHT said...

Are you saying there is an easy way?

Michelle J said...

Share the site please!!! You know the criminal ativity site!!!

I'm just saying!!!

Not for me you know!!! :O)