Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Dating sucks.

I’m not going to do it anymore. Men are hurting me. Where did the heroes go? What happened to men anyway? It’s like they disappeared.

You’re not going to read my blog anymore cuz reading about my microscopic vegetables is not interesting.

But it is funny.

I looked at my blueberry plant. I have one (1) ripe blueberry. Are you kidding me? ONE?

Are there any farmers out there? I need help.


Michelle said...

And once again, I am confused. Why?? What??


Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm sorry to hear that.

Any consolation, I dated some terds online and then met my husband through one of the online dating services.

About the blueberries, I bet you had more and the birds stole them.

Charmaine said...


There is no mystery. I'm just tired of men and their antics. The power struggles get old.

I had a date with you know who last night...I decided to talk about blueberries instead.

I think I'm ready to date you now. Hee hee.

HOA Mgr Lady said...

Yup. Men suck (And most of them poorly hehe)
I also look at men and women who appear to be happily married and wonder why not me? Why them? Do the women just settle (For less) better than I do? Sighhhhh it's indeed a conundrum.

Hedgie said...

"Dating sucks. I’m not going to do it anymore. Men are hurting me."

Oh, come on. What do you expect when you choose so many of your dates from the internet version of Reject Reef where the losers have beached themselves in one last desperate attempt to spawn at any cost?

Michelle said...

Your ready for me now??

I knew if I waited patiently, you would see the light!!

I am ready Charmaine. You were my first girlie crush. You are special!!!

SweetPeaSurry said...

See honey ... this is why I do VIRTUAL farming through Facebook!!! Get yourself on over to Farmville. You'll feel UPTEEN times bettah. Oh yeah!!! I've got strawberries galore! I know ... I know you're jealous. Don't get all pea green with envy on me!

Effin boys, they suck!

all my best to you though girl, keep laughing and keep that chin up. I'm man free and LOVING it!