Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stood Up, Again!

I had a lovely date tonight. (The King stood me up.) But you know me, I'm not one to wait around. (If he wants to hurt me, he's gonna have to try harder.)

My replacement date was recently in a mountain biking accident. He was horribly injured. I stood him up for lunch on Monday. He couldn't drive and was literally starving. (I didn't know.) I was with the man (King) who was well on his way to becoming my hero. Yet he stood me up tonight (hello Karma).

The man I had dinner with called after I returned home to make sure I'd arrived safely.

(I love that.)

He commented on my abnormal behavior. (I wasn't my jovial self.)

My date was covered with bruises. He'd been to the hospital and was feeling low. I could relate.

My injuries were on the inside.


webberpa said...

Sometimes you have to date a scarecrow and/or a few tin men before you find your wizard. Dont forget even the wizards are not always what they are cracked up to be. Just enjoy the land of Oz while you can.

f1trey said...

Maybe he sensed you werent "all there" and something else was on your mind....was that so?? if you were a bit distant then he might get a reprieve for having good radar......

Hedgie said...

"But he stood me up"

See what comes of flaunting your small radishes on the side of the road?

Senorita said...

I've been thinking about taking a vacation in Europe too, even though I can't afford it. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam.

PorkStar said...

abnormal behavior? hmmm now you have my interest.

LL said...

Hey! You've got two hands again! Yay!!!

Oh... sounds like plan B turned out ok after all... jes?