Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gay Man Dan

My first blueberry. I guess I need to give up my life long dream of becoming a hand model after slamming it in the car door.
A neighbour has been asking me out. But he's gay.

When he moved in he was masculine. He carried a canoe to the beach, shirtless. He asked me out to dinner.
I said, "no". I was SHY. (This was before I started dating half the state of California.) If a decent looking man even spoke to me, I started babbling and turned beet red.

The next day he strolled past and scowled, "You're stuck up."
Huh, wha? I'm the most insecure person alive.
Fast forward. He sold his canoe, became slimmer, streaked his hair and began wearing metro-sexual clothing. His voice went up an octave.

He has an edge. There is something dark lurking beneath the surface. A slight anger...something. Anger is just fear. I know. I just flipped out on the King again.

But fear can keep you alive. With regard to The King, it looks like I'm the crazy girl. I've never been the crazy girl before. (We're not speaking.) It's my fault. I Pick fights. But there is some survival mechanism at work. Maybe it's the hormones. Maybe it's what happens when you let someone in and you've never done it before.
I've always been in charge of my relationships. I never really cared. I don't want to be the crazy girl. I'd rather be red.
Look at me, I'm crazy. But look at him. He walked into a tree and nearly bled to death. Would you rather be a moron, or crazy?


Senorita said...

Your gay neighbor is a dumbass for calling you stuck up. Good thing you turned him down.

You flipping out on the King is not crazy because he registers high on the douche-o-meter. The only reason you look crazy because you keep going out with him and allowing yourself to get hurt. That's just insanity. Especially since you blame yourself for not being on speaking terms with him. It's a blessing you're not talking to him. That way you can move on to a better man.

It may sound like I am being judgemental, but I am not one to throw stones because I used to do the same things.

I just think you deserve better. You are very intelligent and pretty, and there are a lot of men out there that would love your company.

Char said...

Here, Here, Senorita (or is it Hear, Hear)? Just saying "ditto".

SweetPeaSurry said...

I'd rather be crayzee!

Amanda said...

Have you heard the Pink song "Don't leave me"?

Charmaine said...

Amanda, I just checking it out. It was HILARIOUS!!!

anastacia said...

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