Monday, July 13, 2009

Things Change FAST in My World!

One minute he's "out"and the next minute he's "in".
That's him.
I've had men love me and fill my house with flowers. No one has ever helped ME. (Helping was MY job.) I didn't mind.
Yet he:
1. Fixed my computer.
2. Re-piped (is that a word?) my garden plumbing so I can turn the water on/off from my deck.
3. Asked me to "make a wish". (I closed my eyes.) He presented me with a gift card that read: "Wish Granted".
4. He washed my car.
5. Had his son re-string and clean my guitar. (faints)
6. He bought me a ceiling fan.
7. Fixed my barbecue. I barbequed steaks, they were terrible. He pretended they weren't.
8. He brought boxes of produce and gave them to three (3) of my neighbours. (Helping me win influence in the community.)
I've always been brave. He shows me how to be braver.
He tells me how he feels. He's not afraid of anything. He's a strong man. I respect him.
This is my first green onion. We need the microscope again. An "electron" microscope because it can detect items as miniscule as atoms.
Come's FUNNY. (Not the Madonna-esque black bra, the green onion, silly.)
A child only a mother could love. Can you see my baby green onion? (It's in my hand.)


Mike said...

Happy to hear that you're happy. You might want to wait till the onion grows bigger before pulling it out of the ground.

Senorita said...

Nice to know he did nice things for you. It's about time.

But in my opinion he is still a royal douche nozzle for leaving you in a crime infested area to fend for yourself.

I hope that this streak of niceness doesn't end.

LL said...

Damn Charm... I've seen tennis matches that didn't have this much back and forth action...

webberpa said...

Heck with the KING you are looking good... like a princess!!! Maybe you two should get hitch and have some kids...or adapt some. Whatever. I hope you at least "rewarded" him for all his hard work and kindness.

P.O.M. said...

you love the back and forth
admit it