Sunday, July 26, 2009

Call 911!

There was high surf in Newport Beach, CA. Sufficiently treacherous to kill a man at "The Wedge" after slamming him against the rocks.
I didn't know. (Since the digital crossover I can't figure out how to turn on my TV.)

My date and I strolled to the beach in Corona Del Mar, to climb "the rock". Waves crash against it. It's fun.

When we arrived, it was mayhem. I've never seen so many people.

It was difficult to reach the rock this time. Swirling tides made it challenging to reach without getting slammed by walls of water that circled around it. You had to time your approach.

After reaching our position on top, the surf became more violent. I screamed.

"I think we should go" I said.

"Don't be silly. We're fine." he replied.

Another wave crashed with such force, I shrieked. I noticed the escape route below dissolve into a churning cauldron of water.

A helicopter began to circle above.

Are they circling over US?" I queried.
"No. They're looking for a wayward swimmer." He replied.

I smiled and waved at the helicopter apparently communicating, "Help me Sweet Jesus".

A yellow rescue boat appeared.

Gazing at the beach below I noticed life guards rushing toward us.

"Oh My God" I said. "It's a three-pronged rescue. They've got us by air, land and sea. We must really be in trouble."

A lifeguard yelled, "Get down!!!" (I was shaking now.)

"JUMP NOW!!!!" he screamed... convincing me death was imminent. I did so as a wall of water came around knocking me to my knees onto the jagged rocks. "Please God," I thought, "Don't let my hair extensions get wet."
The senior lifeguard (in black shorts) said authoritatively, "We received four (4) 911 calls about you.

"Sensing there might be a "bill" in our future my date apologized. (Sometimes they charge you for 911 calls.)

We walked home, drenched. A man pulled his car to the side of the road and rolled down his window. "I was one of the people who called 911". I'm a retired police officer currently working for the Department of Home Land Security," he said. (I started laughing)
"You were about to be airlifted by helicopter," he said. (I had to turn my head)

I wanted to say, "Please don't call 911 again, not unless you're trying to kill me".


rajhot said...

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easternsparkle said...

Oh my word - how scary was that, hope the bruises soon heal

Heather said...

I was a lifeguard for five years. More than once, I've had to pull people out of the water who shouldn't have been there in the first place. During my time as a lifeguard, my biggest fear was someone would drown on my watch.

I'm glad you managed to get out of that situation with only a few bruises. Maybe the rescue personnel overreacted. However, it's better to be safe than sorry.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Senorita said...

OMG, your date has issues. You clearly knew it was dangerous, and he kept insisting that you stay there. It's not like the waves were medium size. They were huge and obviously startled you for good reason.

That's just douchebag behaviour.

I know, it must seem like I don't like anyone you ever go out with.

It's just that I don't want you to get killed by waves, by crazy driving habits or you getting robbed and hurt because you were left in a bad neighborhood.

Lisa said...

Ouch! Clearly your risk tolerance is greater than that of the average person. Your poor knees! Ouch again.

smellyshelley said...

Senior Lifeguard is kinda cute...

Charmaine said...

Senorita, You are too critical. BUT it's not your fault. I characterise things to make my date look bad. You're kick-ass approach speaks to me little lady. I've been doing it my whole life.

Don't worry little lady. I'm on the job. You are too. We are not so different except for the fact that I can't belly dance. hee hee

Charmaine said...

SmellyShelly - "Kinda" cute? Are you nuts? He's gorgeous! Ahhh

Michelle said...

Both of those guys are cute.

Oh yeah, are you OK?

Michelle said...

Step away from the rocks!

Come visit me in NYC!!!

Charmaine said...

Okay Shell. That video made me laugh out loud.

You and I could do some damage in Manhatten. You're not gonna make me drink wheat grass, right?

Senorita said...


I am sorry that you feel that I am too critical. Sometimes I don't have a filter.

I don't have to be blunt all the time, so I will tone it down.

Senorita said...

P.S: I read your comment on my blog.

Thanks for the comment. I do have to say that you are partially correct. As I get older, I will relax some of my standards, such as the looks department. Because when my boobs sag or I have saddlebags, I will pretend I don't see the gut or receding hairline.

As far as how a man treats me, I won't be any less critical than I am now. He always has to treat me with respect, because I am always respectful in return and rarely raise my voice.

We all have our non-negotiables, and I am not letting disrespectful and or douchebag behavior slide no matter how old I get. My grandmothers didn't, I don't have to either.

Chris said...

Where is David Hasselhoff when you need him?

Charmaine said...

Chris...are you "my" Chris? I mean, you could be some other Chris. Chris is a common enough name. Not like Charmaine which, my date from this post could not seem to remember. He called me "Charlene" a million times.

Ha ha.

Irish Gumbo said...

Charmaine: Every time I come here, its you with the drama! (grin) Very glad you're okay, excepting the bruises. Whew!

And how did you know I was thinking of another Stupid Photo Contest? Mindreader...thank you for stopping by IG.

LL said...

You're such a drama queen... :ewink:

And I think I'm starting to fall por la Senorita...

webberpa said...

Why do these strange things keep happening to you? A helicopter ride would cost you some major denaroes, as a freind of mine found out when she and 2 friends got stuck on a mountain, got lost, spent the night huddled together and had to be rescued. Very costly. Whats up with that marrymee blog? Doesnt that just scream desparate? I dunno.

Charmaine said...

Irish - I'm waiting for the contest. tik tik tik

LL - Who wouldn't fall for Senorita? She's beautiful AND fiesty. I like her.

SSP said...

irish is partially right, you aren't just the drama queen though, you are the whole mini-series AND the lifetime movie AND the ABC after school special! oh, i want to be in nyc with you and michelle - i will be there the 8th ;-)

Briana said...

You call those bruises! Are you kidding me! My walking accident produced better bruises.

Don said...

You get into the most amazing situations! Glad it ended happily but you REALLY don't have to do shit like that to interest us. Really!

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