Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flipping Out

Is that a word? I know it's a colloquialism, but is it a word?

I flip out, sometimes, on dates with The King.

I've never done it before.
It is reminiscent of the behavior of my crazy sister. It's not quite the same thing (she'll stab you.) a

But I think I understand her more.
She flips out, I flip out, because we're overwhelmed by emotion. We're in love with men who maintain distance and give us no authority or control. It's like hanging from the edge of a cliff. (Nobody want's to do that.)
We have no manipulation skills, we kick, scream and fight instead. It's all we know how to do.

I don't have arguments with other men. Okay, if I do at least I'm in charge. I'll brake my own hand to assert my authority.

I was talking to my cousin yesterday. She said I should see a therapist for a session or two.

When friends or family tell you, "you're a lunatic" do you HAVE to listen? .

Maybe I'll just marry one of the last two guys that asked. (Exhales)

Dancing on the high-wire is not where it's at. It's too dangerous. One false move and...splat. I can't afford multiple injuries, I don't have insurance.
What I learned from The King was how to shoot at someone that outdrew me. I give up. He wins. (If winning nothing constitutes an actual victory.)

Next. Or as The King would say, "Check please".


f1trey said...

if you lie down with dogs........ some men are relationship challenged....what makes a woman think she can change that????
earth wind and fire baby---"you cant give what you never had"

Mrs. K said...

I so wish to believe you!!! really I do! You've said this even posted his fax for people to send him hate mail - I didn't by the way; I don't think anyone is worth so much attention.

Kimberly said...

Men...we could live without them. Just saying.