Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's Great About Me

The great thing about me is that I get to have all of these feelings. I allow myself. (A recent development.)

I get to fall head over heels in love with a man. Just because I have "feelings" doesn't mean I act on them.

I use my head. I believe my brain, not my heart. My heart is a flat out moron. It wants things it should not and sees things that are not there. (Could someone please get my heart some Lithium...Thorzine perhaps?)

Hell I don't know. What do I look like? A brain surgeon?

That's all I have for you.

Tomorrow I'm gonna put on some sparkly lipstick and be fine.


Loving Annie said...

My heart is totally clueless and attached to my groin.
Show me a hot looking man - who just happesn to be wrong for me - and my heart will convince me immediately he is fabulous and has all sorts of values and interests in common with me and my lifestyle.

My brain is incredibly wise and I rarely listen to it.
When I do, however, I don't get my feelings hurt. In fact, I'm even impressed with myself.

Note to self : Get megaphone for brain and blindfold for heart :)

LyN said...

you know what, Charmaine? live life to the fullest. love and its various connections in relation to it will surely hurt at some point or another. so, live it and just enjoy!!! im doing just that. im learning to do just that. :)

LL said...

Don't do that!!! Sparkly lipstick is the key to the path of ruin... ;)

Stick to your guns darlin, they've kept you safe thus far.

Michele said...

My dad always said to lead with your head not with your heart. Sounds like the same advice.

JIMSIGHT said...

' Tell me where is fancy bread, or in the heart, or in the head.

hey remember that willy dude?

♥ Braja said...

As long as we get photos on your post of that gorgeous look. Whatever you write or post works for me.

And I reckon you could teach some brain surgeons a thing or two...

Actually there's possibly a really good looking, single, wealthy brain surgeon out there, lookin' for Miss Perfect....

:) xxxx

webberpa said...

Sparkly lipstick, now thats what I am tlaking about! Guys REALLY dig chicks with glitterly lips and nails, 'specially the toes, mon! Guys and Gals think with different parts of the body, gals with the heart, guys with their...um, eyes. Dats where the term eye-candy comes from, right? Sometimes you just gotta go with your instincs, like this time I just wanted to lick this girls neck, she was so beautiful, but then I got this stuff on my tongue, it was horrible; ya just never know you get an idea thats good in theory but turns out all wrong. Ya live, ya learns...I think Einstein wrote that, NO??? Yeah, sparkly lipstick and a mini skirt, thats the ticket! And those butt inserts from Victoria's Secret.

Michelle said...

You are great!!!