Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh Shit

Do you ever wake and and say, "Ah shit" out loud?

Not "Oh" shit.

"Ah" shit.

There's a difference. The "Ah" implies embarassment as opposed to surprise. The nuances of profanity. (Sounds like a book title?)

Yea so. I had a fight with The King on the phone. It was entirely my fault. I went psycho. (It's important to own your inner psycho.) Seriously, I did, go psycho. (Hangs head in shame.)

It was one of those, um...I don't know what? Maybe it was one of those "he's not that into you" situations. Not having developed skills to deal with such a scenario because it's never happened to me...I went psycho. (No I don't think I'm "all that" I just generally date men that adore me. You know...little ugly gnomes and such. They are very loyal and devoted creates really.)

I need to revert back to the guy that does not conceal his adoration. It helps me I don't have to worry. I'm very embarassed. You should have heard what I said to the man.

Here's the way I'm gonna look at it: "Psycho" It was a new hat, I tried it on. I didn't like it.

Miss? Can I try on the red one in the corner?

(Sales girl turns around to get the red hat. Charmaine runs to the edge of store, grabs the psycho hat and puts it on whispering...just one one more time. Arg.)

Today it's beach games (maybe a boat ride) and lunch followed by The Dance of Love (not really) with the Argentinian. I've got a double header.


namaste said...

when i was dating i mostly dated men who adored me. so i know what you mean. i remember dating this one guy that brought out my inner psycho. i'm still embarrassed when i recall the stupid crying meltdown i had. oiy!

don't be so hard on yourself. we all go there from time to time.


The Kid In The Front Row said...

Just found your blog - really enjoying it! :)

SweetPeaSurry said...

I go psycho all the time. I think if a man can't take a bit of psycho ... he's just not worth it!

(harumphs quietly)

Lisa said...

May I just say, Ah Shit. I didn't say it this morning, but last night, after an email exchange with someone, it was really fitting. I hate wearing the psycho hat.

Michelle said...

I generally stay away from the psychos!

Yikes, does that mean i have to stay away from you??

LL said...

You seem to be handling the stress of 3 relationships well...

Comedy Goddess said...

I like that. Try on a new style of personality. Good to know. I'll try hippie chick today. said...

Maybe one day you'll end up in the news:

"A woman from Corona Del Mar, California went psycho today while eating in an upscale restaurant..."


Eat Well. Live Well.

Anonymous said..., he may not be that into you...

Let go girl...harden the heart to the man..and move on!!

I've met several of those that weren't 'that into me' and I promise you if he's not, then you just let go..

I never had a man adore me so much, til now..and I adore the hell outta him...When you stop looking, seriously, it happens...