Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beach Baby

My date and I walked to the beach. It's a fun stroll. Everyone says "Good Morning"

At the beach we ran the stairs. Jogging down the jetty my date said, "Hey Char, wait up!"

Now I'm walking along the shore cracking seaweed polyps under my sneakers. (Always a mood elevator.)

Now we're flying Frisbee. My date does things like jumping up, doing the splits in the air and catching the Frisbee between his legs.

I'm running up the hill of doom (an impossible gradient, trust me). My date said, "the only reason I'm behind you is because I'm looking at your butt.

We went to a gigantic rock formation. The tide swirls and crashes all around it. You have seconds to take the step required to reach it before a wall of water sweeps in from either direction. We barely made it. My date said, "God I have so much fun when I'm with you."

I cancelled dinner with the Argentinian.

We went to dinner. Within 10 minutes of arriving home I became ill. My face was as green as my frisbee. My date pretended to ignore the 18 times I went to the bathroom.

He left me the receipt from dinner so I could advise the restaurant about the Salmon. (More like Salmonella.)


LL said...

And here you tried to convince me you didn't have a butt... I see how you are.


JIMSIGHT said...

Calamity Char... I assume its Evil since "your date" has no name. I think you owe me a drink or something.. we had a bet remember?

Quite a busy week of being stared down. the matador on the ummm chest and now "mr anonymous" staring at your behind.. oh wait there was the neighbor staring incident as well. I think I will get you a a "take a pictue, it lasts longer" t-shirt..

Lisa said...

Oh no. You poor thing. Has he called you?