Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't Cry For Me

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. The truth is I neeeeeever left you… Okay. Moving on…

Because I am Middle Aged and getting battier by the minute, I locked my keys in the car. I was at the happiest place on earth, Albertson’s.

I live two (2) blocks away. The problem is I was wearing my notorious 4-inch heels.

I started up the hill. With each step I muttered an explicative. My shoes were KILLING me.

A gigantic Mercedes pulled out of traffic. A man emerged with the bravado of a Matador.

“Dear God, he is NOT waiting for me,” I thought.

He approached and, I believe, bowed. He said, “Miss, your bags look heavy, may I offer assistance?”

One of the reasons I am alive is because I don’t accept rides from strangers. But I was going to die if I took another step. Death by four-inch heels…

I allowed the stranger to give me a ride home. I thought he was going to drive to a remote location and kill me when he missed the first turn.

He took me home instead, waited for me to retrieve my spare key then returned me to my car. I thanked him. He asked for my number.

The funny thing is I’d been out with “The King” the night before. I
left my cell phone in his sport coat.

“The King” heard the call from the Argentinean the next day.His sport coat was "ringing" in his closet.

“The King” thought it was me trying to locate my phone. So he called the man back.



Scandalous Housewife said...

The Argentinian! This sounds good!

SweetPeaSurry said...

LOL ... it was the come get me shoes! Freaking brilliant!!! I love Argentenian guy!

Joanie M said...

OK, maybe we like the Argentinian guy. Hopefully he won't turn into "let me introduce ju you to my lil fren'."

Seeker said...

I just have to hear more about this Argentenian. And so chivalrous too. how many guys does anyone know that would see your "pain by heels" and stop? maybe this one is a "keeper"!!
I said MAYBE!!!!

*Just Jen* said...

DANG it!! I've been trying to figure out how and where to meet men (besides in a bar)! I guess I should lock my keys in my car and start walking! I'll try that!

P.S. If you don't see a blog from me in a week, you can assume I wasn't as lucky as you! lol

namaste said...

four inch heels?! ouch. your rescuer sounds like a prince.


SSP said...

Oh, Char, I know all about you and the argentinians.......but still, all I can say is, YOU GO GIRL...anyone who tries to walk home uphill in 4 " heels deserves some respect! I guess I need to go buy some new one would pick me up in my dusty Crocs, would they?

tjames said...

My only advise is to be careful. I dated an Argentinian and he was extremely sexist.

Rebekah said...

How is it that nobody but me is afraid that the Argentinian - who knows where you live - is stalking you with midnight mac&cheese???? Stay happy, safe, and lock your doors!!

Michele said...

Oh, a Latin! If you go out with him you must tell all.

My 57 year old friend just got back from Greece, where she met a man 16 years her junior, who now calls her everyday. I'm like a proud mama.

Hedgie said...

First Jesus and now a gaucho all in a couple of days? Have you considered seriously cold showers?

Just be careful if he offers to let you see his bolas.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

What have you to lose? Do they have trees in Argentina? Can you speak Spanish? Best of luck, a little bit of jealousy will do the King no harm!

Michelle said...

Yes Woops!

Have fun on your date!!!

HealthNutWannaBeDad said...

Now just how did yer cell phone end up in the pocket of his sport coat?


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