Friday, April 24, 2009

Man Summary

The one (1) day I fail to wear make-up to the Laundry Matt the entire Newport Beach Fire Department arrives? Ahhh.

A 35 year old fire man asked me out anyway. He had a patch over one eye. He was likely blind in the other.

Now I know what I want: (Thank you Paul for making me actually think about it.) A real man who doesn't let me push him around, holds me accountable but admires me. He's brave. He is kind and desires a woman who isn't a weakling.

1. The Matador asked to go dancing tonight. I said "yes" then rescheduled.

2. Thursday morning Evil apppeared ON HIS KNEES, literally on his knees, outside on my front doorstep with a Cappuccino in one hand and a Frisbee in the other.

3. Chris, a man who really cares, asked me if I am still moving to Denver or if I merely sowing final oats before my departure?

5. Pool Boy will soon be returning from Italy. We committed to having dinner "the second date". We'll see what happens.

Conclusion: I've never dated so much. I've never felt so desired and confused. WTF? Am I secreting some kind of love hormone? Odd because, I just learned, I no longer have hormones.

I guess they didn't test for Testosterone.


Briana said...

That's why Stacy and Clinton, on "What Not to Wear," tell people to make themselves at least a little presentable when going to the grocery store! Those firefighters! Were they always this hot!

LL said...

I theenk dey were juz tryin' to quench dat flame in jor heart... ;)

And that's a helluva list of attributes for a guy right there... good luck with that. :P

Joanie M said...

I think I came upon your blog a little late (end of 2008). I'm a little confused about who's who and who you are crazy about and who you aren't crazy about. sigh. said...

So how's that dating thing coming along?

Looks like you've got a full schedule there, Charmaine.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Michel said...

WOW! A dreamy fireman WITH a pirate patch. You are LUCKY. I love firemen!!!

Before I was marred (I've decided to stop dating now, it just seemed like a good idea at the time) I was also looking for a date - and swore I could never find one.

Then one day I said F-it! I don't need a damn date, and they came out of the woodwork!

Best of luck to you.

Marinka said...

that sounds completely fun! More fireman, please. And a cappuccino.

Michelle said...

Pool boy pool boy!!!

He is nice and cute and funny!!!

Just like me!!!

How are ya lady?

Mrs. K said...

life can be a bitch like that- when i was a single mom, ooh- i just realized it would make a funny blog story- i'll let you know when i post it :) it has to do with firemen also :)

but go with it woman- you are on fire! he he

webberpa said...

One day you will back on all this and say, "crap, why didnt I jump on that one?".

Char said...

Geeze hon, what kinda perfume you wearing? It must be some kinda potent. haha. You are the persona of hotness right now....just enjoy it.

LyN said...

You're so funny!!! just live it. heck, i would love all the attention, boy!!! keep it up, Charmaine.

P.O.M. said...

I would like some of that love hormone please... and thank you.

BlueEyedWonder said...

Just keep having fun!!!

Lots of of 'em has GOT to be what you're looking for! can suck..and yet it feels good when one is desired, eh??

SSP said...

yeah i want me some of that perfume too, honey...and I vote for Pool Boy, hands down. Be NICE to him. He is an incredible guy, and YOU CAN be nice - i KNOW it!!