Monday, November 30, 2009

Tom Bailey

Where in the hell did HE come from?

Did you read his comment on my last post?  He said I was not "emotionally stable".

Self aggrandizing fucker.

But maybe he's right.

I'm reading this book called, "Blink".  It's kind of a stupid book about rapid cognition and the snap judgements we make in fleeting moments.

It's about thinking without thinking (my favorite thing) and why our instincts are right.  (When they are wrong we are thinking too much, looking at evidence that will betray us.) The author, Malcom Gladwell, sites the time the Ghetty Museum almost bought a fake statue. 

It looked was in good a shape.  Too good to have been in the ground for 200 years.  The experts wanted to believe...

Moments before the deal was done another expert was called in to authenticate it.  His first words were..."It just doesn't look right."

You have to trust your gut.

I'd met her before. My first thought was...homewrecker, selfish self-serving disingenuous homewrecker.

I ignored my instincts.

She married a wealthy man, She had an affair with him...ripping him away from his wife and kids.  (I'm not excusing him...I'm just saying I don't respect either of them.)  Then BINGO...she's divorced and living in a mansion.  Then she went for my boyfriend.

I was there for Thanksgiving. I'm never going back.  She put the moves on my boyfriend, doe eyed and innocent...on the way home he and I broke up.

She's not innocent.  She's fucking brilliant.

She's got at least 15 years on me but looks half my age.  Plastic surgery and a trainer will do that. She pretends to be vulnerable.  Her act is a scientific marvel.

You should have seen her, bending over in front of the stove every time my boyfriend was in the kitchen.  She was wearing one of those belly necklaces...I don't know what they are called.


Mike Steelman said...

If he thinks you're not emotionally stable, I hope he doesn't visit my blog. He may try to have me committed!

You are AWESOME!

Briana said...

Personally, I've NEVER met anyone who is emotionally stable!

Charmaine said...

Emotionally stable...what a bunch of fakers.

I can fake it too.

I will not, however, slip out the back door with a 10 million dollar divorce settlement and then, bat my eyelashes at your boyfriend.

I'm not excusing him.

I'm not excusing myself.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am lost, but Tom Bailey is an ass. Period.

Daisy said...

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secret agent woman said...

Ha ha. I had to go back a bit to catch up, but it was funny. You know the value of unsolicited advice right? Nothing.

Rikkij said...


Sharon said...

I'm still reading your blog. I like blogs where people are genuine and authentic. I never liked the 'King'(I was in a mood)but I know you love him and want it to work out for your sake. That Bee-otch has nothing on you! You are pretty awesome.

Charmaine said...


I dig you. That beotch has it all over me.

She wins.

I was just talking to my girlfriend who said she (the woman we are talking about) would never be interested in a guy who was not a millionare.

That's supposed to make me feel better.

It doesn't. It's not about her. I could care less about her and her fake boobs and plastic surgery...i't s about him and the fact that....we are not working out.

I dunno. But she is one beautiful whore...that's for sure.

Still...I'll kick her ass.I mean I won't. I'm on the floor.

But sometimes I suprise myself. Charmaine...the vampire slayer.

It could happen.

Char said...

Hell yeah, it could happen! That picture you of you on that dozer should terrify her.
So that was King? You got me sooo confused.


Charmaine said...

Char-don't be confused.

I just broke up with some guy...that all.

I know you were no fan of "The King"

You were right.

The great thing is that I get to start over.

There are men in the wings...look, there is one right over there.


webberpa said...

What were you thinking going over to such a SW (skankwhore)'s lair in the first place. I cannot imagine you did not see that one comming. Men (like me) are just helpless prey to beautiful women who have those eyes, vulnerability AND show some healthy midrift. Did she have a trampstamp? Man, I love those when I go to the gym, 'specially if they are a little older, like me.

Charmaine said...

Char - I mean he broke up with me.

It's important to clarify such things.

And webberpa - Can't you guys tell when the vulnerability is false?

Hell, I can't tell either. Only experience informs you.