Friday, November 20, 2009

I Had a Dream

Nighmare really. I dreamt you were dead.
I know…it’s a terrible thing to say and confess.
In my dream, one of your kids called me. I showed up at the funeral. I felt out of place and stood in the back.
I know you think I’m stupid. If you’re ever in the hospital in real life, you’ll appreciate this stupid Molecular Biology drop out. Test me. No don’t…I can save you.  I've done it before.
Then the procession. People walked by the casket. Open casket. We all stood in line.
When I reached you, I climbed in.
I grabbed your arms and tried to make them go around me.

It wasn't easy to get in there.  I was wearing heels.  And looked terrific, by the way.
Someone screamed.

It was just a dream.  Don't get all crazy.

Oh, here she is again.  The Golden Retriever from next door. (Like she knew I was feeling a little blue.)  She's in my bedroom with a pair of underwear in her mouth.  She's trying to escape to the front yard. 

I'm tackling her.  We're in a tug of war.  "Cassie, let GO of my underwear"...tug tug tug...

She looks at me, I look at her...we both crash into the wall beside the door. she's fleeing with my flip flop...kerplunk down the stairs...she wants me to chase her.

I love that dog.


SSP said...

oh mannnnnn!!! get outta the casket Charmaine!!!

Joanie M said...

the dog WAS part of the dream, right?

Charmaine said...

SSP - xo xo

Joanie M - the dog was/is real. If she steals another pair of my underwear and delivers it, like a prize, to my neighbours front yard...I'm gonna...

Heck, I'm just gonna pet her. And say, "No Cassie".

But seriously, the dog does not listen to me.

The playboy, who I haven't mentioned for a while, tells me the dog does this because I'm not an Alpha leader. Whatever.

I have more in common with the 9 month Golden Retriever. We both just want to play.

"Down Cassie, down". Oh no, not again. How do keep finding my underwear? "Stop".

We both race for the door. We both run into the wall. Cassie escapes.

LL said...

SSP's right... you're far too young to be in the casket...

But I'll wager you did look smashing. ;)

Fragrant Liar said...

Dreams are so weird. I rarely remember mine, and don't really care to. Unless it's about a dog. I can do with some dogs.