Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Don't," he said.

"Don't come back here" he said, arm outstretched and hand flexed like a traffic cop trying to stop a truck.

He was in my bedroom, dressing after a shower.

"How sweet," I thought.  He's afraid if I go back there he will be overcome by desire and we'll be late for dinner.

I tried to go back three (3) more times. 

"Stop" he said.

Then I smelled it.
I'm the only person in America that could turn a fart into a romantic fantasy.

Tune in tomorrow, won't you.  I'm going to recite (write down) a Shakespearean sonnet every Friday.  Are you still there?

You won't get bored cuz I'm going to explain them.

Don't roll your eyes at me. It will be fun.

Is it Friday yet?

I'm so excited...I'm watching the clock.  Tick tick...what's taking so long?

The sonnets are all about love. And loss. Regret, adoration and tragedy. Things we experience yet never speak of.

In other words, life.


Joanie M said...

I give him points for not wanting to subject you to the stink.

John tells me that he loves me, farts and all! Whataguy!

Briana said...

I can't concentrate unless you fix the misspellings and typos. They're distressing me! Can you find them? I count three.

Twenty years from now, the farts won't be so romantic. Trust me!

Charmaine said...

My spell check doesn't work anymore. The blog thing won't let me.

You know I can't spell. Try to think of it as endearing as opposed to irriating.

Did I spell that right?

Charmaine said...

I mean irritating. Jeez, I really can't spell.

SSP said...

now that is really irriating!!! you fixed em before I could see them. I am so glad they haven't invented smell-o-vision yet, aren't you???

Charmaine said...

Maybe men are fart machines.

I never noticed. Hell, nobody ever did that in my presence before.

I'm kind of dainty. Men normally don't act like fools in front of me.

This one does. I wrap my arms around him. I feel the enormity of him, it's stupid... I melt. It's physical. It also has something to do with character and integrity.

If I don't admire're history.

Even if you can't spell.

Charmaine said...

I meant to say, "even if you COULD spell".

The context is lost. I'm going to the market and forgetting all about this.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

See, I KNEW the teachers were missing something when they tried to explain Shakespeare's sonnets.
I will tune in and get the lesson from a pro!