Sunday, June 7, 2009

Right about Mr. Wrong

I'm not a complete moron.

No more dating!! These bastards are trying to kill me.

I'm responsible for giving them the opportunity.
I don't know when I turned this dangerous corner. But I did it. It's my crime. Let's blame it on "these hard economic times". The leaders of the "free world" blame everything on that. Why not me?

Sadly, I don't see a "bail out" in my future.
See below? These are radish sprouts from Charmaine's Farm. They are so damn cute in their simplistic beauty.

Below are sunflowers. I got them for the little boy who lives next door. It's his job to water them, yep...I do it. Behind his mothers back, we secretly planted 30 sunflowers all over her front yard. They're the 10ft high variety. (Hee hee) The child is five. We giggle secure in the fact our secret is flat out hilarious. I remember my first sunflower. As I watched it was like magic. I'm so lucky. I get to see this little boy's eyes light up when he confronts the 10 foot tall sunflower. ( I told him if he watered it, it would grow as tall as he would be when he got older.)

This is my lettuce, basil, eggplant and cilantro. I haven't even shown you my tomatos.

Evil Surfer Dude told me I did not have a green thumb. Don't worry, I'll never see him again.

The only one that MIGHT get a second chance is convertible black Porsche man. The one who helped plant my farm then broke my finger. It wasn't his fault. It was the underlying tumour. The thing I liked most was that the little boy who lives next door ADORED him...crawled over him like a Jungle Gym.

Men are irresistable when children adore them.


LL said...

Lookin' good Charm...

Right now mine is swamped. Literally. I should be growing rice!

SweetPeaSurry said...

My goodness I have GOT to get a camera. Or I'll never get my balcony baskets photographed!

Your garden is coming in nicely, and I don't think there's ANYTHING WRONG with having a love affair with a garden. It's a bit safer than Grocery boy too!

Irish Gumbo said...

Well good luck and all the best to you, Charmaine! The law of probabilities says that you are due a break soon.

And I, for one, would be honored to see your tomatos :)

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

They say that kids are the best judge of character and if a kid likes you then you're a good person- because they can sense good in you... Hopefully the 5 yr old is right!

Michele said...

Little kids are the best judge. Go with who they accept. Gardening can be therapeutic. Stay with that. You'll be alright.

f1trey said...

No details on the "these bastards"? As a bastard Im curious...hehehehe

f1trey said...
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f1trey said... the reluctant bastard representative on your blog, I have to say I have never relished getting pelted with rocks so I make no effort to justify the testosterone poisioning which makes males break womens hands or suggest a cab....

And now for the good news....... your garden looks good.