Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stranger then Fiction

Okay. We have another one. And it's totally my fault. My epic hubris made me insinuate, okay practically lead my date, to my blog. (It's a moth to flame situation.)

That means we have another guy, in addition to The King of Produce, who reads this blog.

Of course he disagrees with how he has been "characterized".

Oh and he introduced my neighbours to my blog. (Hi Shelby and Roman!!!) He said they laughed at me. But laughter IS the point of this blog. Was that supposed to hurt? (I love my neighbours.)

This is the funny part. "The Playboy" called to bust me on my comments. As with many men, he left a long, frustrating and insulting message on my cell accusing me of:

1. Being sexually repressed. (duh)
2. Basically lying about him (I never lie.)
3. Having no friends and being an unmarried loser with no money (dude, some things are obvious.)
4. Only caring about what my minuscule blog audience thinks.
5. I forgot. Around the fifth insult my mind went blank.

This is not a biography. I haven't been hired to write the truth. This is about me. My perceptions. If I'm wrong, so what? It's not like the New York Times is going to pick up the story.

He was so proud for interceding with the neighbours to spin the story of our few dates before I did.

I had no plans to say a word.

Not to the neighbours. It wasn't that big a deal.

He said I was weird, scary and bizarre (based on my blog). That I act tough and tear apart men but in reality I'm just a scared little wimp.

My response is...So? What's your point?


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD where do you FIND these men!? they all sound like a whole bunch of high school bitches with all the whining and bitching and self centered-ness. Good grief

Anonymous said...

ps- love your outlook- i would have stopped listening as well.

Sherry said...

What a great blog? I went through middle-aged dating and co-workers always wanted to hear details. There were some crazy times.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

SweetPeaSurry said...

C'mon ya big ol wimp ... put up ya dukes.

Well jeez ... okay ... no sparring but woman, you have GOT to cut that freak-a-zoid loose already!

Who cares what he says ... we DO love you ... and your crazy blog too!!

(I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!)

LL said...

It's a damn good thing he came along when he did... I was beginning to think you were:

1. A sexual deviant;
2. Telling the truth about the guys you dated;
3. Married and loaded with cash;
4. Caring about what the whole world thinks;
5. I don't remember...

Senorita said...

Wow, that a guy ! So now that we know he reads comments, I would like to say once again that he is a bonafide douche nozzle. ::Waves hand and smiles::

He's calling you an unmarried loser, but what is he ? He's in the same boat.

Oh and men that drive expensive cars recklessly like he does usually have a small penis anyway.

Yeah, I said it............

webberpa said...

What the heck is this?? Every time you turn around you are complaining about something...get over it! The heck with the guy, you obviously just want to toy with his twinkie and dont want any conversation that doesnt begin or end with "Yes, me lady", so you should spare him and dump him and move on. Oh, and little miss Senorita sounds like she knows waaaaay too much about driving relative to the size of penises...where does she do her research, anyway? I own a cheap car and am a very safe driver, by the way. ;)

f1trey said...

Remember apathy is more effective than forgetting around the fifth zinger!!!!Some men will take bad attention over no attention.......find some secure guys alrighty......

The Peach Tart said...

he's an ass...move on

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webberpa said...

What the Heck???!!!

*Just Jen* said...

Holy smokes! I'm gone for a little while and everything breaks loose! lol I gotta catch UP!