Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Would Have Married THIS guy!

Well, may not marry marry... Listen won't you?
The "official version... is below:

This gentle giant remains a hero among the people of Hawaii. That’s him playing the Ukulele. (You have to learn to play if you are raised there.) The intent is to keep the indigenous culture alive despite modernization. (But the Ukulele came from Portugal.)

The potato didn’t come from Ireland either. Life is so confusing.

He was massively obese and kind. Still, I find him enormously attractive. Throughout his life he promoted Hawaiian rights and Independence. Like my grandfather with the IRA...he was equally effective.

Hey man, I’m not dating. I have to talk about something.

Kindness in whatever form it arrives is breathtaking. You can’t help but sense it in him.

It can’t be taught.

Like him, people I run into still talk about their “dead dad”. It’s weird. I never hear them speak with angst about a dead mother. The more distant father...haunts us.


JIMSIGHT said...

Sorry but I really must live in a bubble or something. I loved my father as well as my mother, my friends and I are all very involved in our childrens lives and always have been thru indian princesses, soccer, church, school and various other social activites.. and I am 100% sure that kindness can be passed down from generation to generation.. as with everything else you lead by example not words and more often than not your children will follow..

I bet tubby had a great dad.. probably taught him how to play "tiny bubbles"

Charmaine said...


I guess you didn't pick up on the larger message.

It's not your fault. I am a terrible communicator.

You just, however, called one of my heros "tubby". He was massively obese.

He did things in his community to try to change things. This takes courage.

Kindess can be "passed down" you say? There my friend, you are indeed wrong.

Joanie M said...

I recently posted a video of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. He was well-loved in his Hawaiian community. The man made beautiful music, no doubt about it.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Awww ... What a sweet post.

I'm a daddy's girl, I love hangin with my papa! I do feel horrible for those people who grow up wondering what 'they' did wrong because one of their parent's isn't around. It's a testament when parents work hard to stay together and keep things fresh.

blessings darlin!

LL said...

My Uncle (who's Hawaiian) and I talked about Big Iz (that's what all the islanders called him) last summer. Indeed a shame he's passed, but as my Unc said... everyone tried to get him to drop some weight before it killed him, but he didn't and he's gone. Really a shame too because of the type of guy he was and the talent he had.

Strange that... I suppose that means if he was just some random guy nobody would have cared...

But that is a topic for another day...

SSP said...

i love the music and i will seek the real thing out while i am here. i will say, i thought people from michigan were out of shape. There are a lot of massively obese people here, and they aren't the tourists!! said...

Clothes don't make the man, but they do introduce him.

And your initial impression of this guy, as kind, gentle and difference maker as he may be, is, "Wow. This dude is HUGE."


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