Friday, June 19, 2009

New line-up of men

The Playboy wanted to spend the day today, go bike riding, hang out at his pool and have lunch then go see his "friends" in L.A. tonight. Ya know, without ME. I don't think so.

I went from really liking him to dreading seeing him again. Then I awoke this morning to a message from 10:00 PM last night saying he was coming over. (Of COURSE he didn't.) But the mere MENTION of such an absurdity is getting him kicked to the curb today. He has no idea.

(Update 1: I couldn't wait. I did it at 5:00 AM.) His retort was that he called just to make sure we were on for today. I said, "Well that's not what you said in your message. It sounded like a juvenile attempt at a booty call and even when I was juvenile, that was never my scene. Good luck, Bye." Ahh. I feel better. (Update 2: He's calling. The message: He accused me of not comprehending his "joke". Then he said the REAL reason he called last night was to ask me for a ride to pick up his Porsche this morning. I want to respond:

1. Not only are you NOT getting a ride, you're not getting "a ride".
2. Where are these "friends" you hang out with instead of me? Can't they give you a ride?
3. Are you gay? ( I just like to say that.)

So with renewed vigor I introduce a small sample of current contenders:

The legitimate professional surfer/tri-athlete is back. I was too shy to meet originally. He had too many pics of his flat out amazing physique (remember?). He has since, taken them down. He is funny and witty on the phone. I never called him back. This time I might. He's charming.
The Naval officer. He's about as entertaining as a wet dish rag. But his honor, integrity and bravery is compelling.This guy pretends to be some kind of producer. Obviously not succesful by the state of his kitchen. But I don't care. He's funny. He thinks I' m funny. I think he's cute. Sorry, too young.


f1trey said...

well.....are we voting here? I have two cents.....I think your being generous with the word contender....(congrats for curb kicking!!!) surfer dude gets the nod.

High Desert Diva said...


2.....I'd leave the Lt. Colonel alone

3.....maybe....the paneling is frightening though much too young?.....think Cougar!

Tammy said...

1... OK, since he took the physique photos down.

2... Um, Yeah, I don't date boring men.

3... He IS cute, but his photo looks like it was taken in a house trailer circa 1978.

4... There is no such thing as too young. :)

smellyshelley said...

I'd say 1 and/or 3. Why bother with someone who bores you or you wouldn't feel comfortable with.

I don't know though, maybe some girlfriend time and let some of the boys taper off. It seems like you get rid off one, start dating someone new, but all the old ones are still wears ME out! said...

Why don't you do a post about what type of man you would like to eventually end up with? Maybe make a list, even. Define him.

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."


Eat Well. Live Well.

chris mcpeake said...

absolutely hilarious

BlueEyedWonder said...

1....Go for it. Call him back.

2....NO!!!!!! Get it?? NO!!!!!

3....LOL, he lives in a trailor! He LIES!!!

4....Um...No, even thinking cougar, No.

Michelle said...

Ok then!

P.O.M. said...

You know I vote for number 1 :)

I'm at the Hilton. Nicer than I thought it would be. They are kinda nickle and diming me, but the grounds and staff are great.

I have MAJOR updates in my dating world. You'll be proud. The do not include the captain.

LL said...

I'm speechless here Charm...

Another surfer? Are ye daft woman??? :ewink:

Char said...

Geeze, Charmaine, is this all you got? Go trolling again.

Briana said...

Tell the Playboy that if he REALLY needs a ride to the Porsche dealership, then he's not a valued customer. Even the Volkswagon dealership picks me up!