Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some men reap some men sow

Charmaine's Farm

The King of Produce (reaper) called yesterday. (Hi King! wanna buy some produce?) I'll have fennel, strawberries and eggplant in 90 days, not to mention radishes, carrots, leeks and heirloom tomatos.
So far, The Gardener (sower) hasn't done anything wrong. I mean except break my finger and try to ravage me. he opens doors, says "yes dear", calls every day and is taking me for Sushi tomorrow. (i cancelled my fourth date with the artist tonight. i was feeling sick. I don't seem to be able to tolerate this pain medication.) The Gardener promised to bring a bouquet of flowers for "the patient" and bring supplies to re-tape my splint.

With the cancer scare, i'm alone at a crossroad. It's a lonely place.

The Gardener takes charge. I like it. Maybe he's a playboy just looking for fun. I'll discern his intenions on date number two. i'm gonna flat out ask what his intentions are and flat out reveal mine. No more wasting time.

The Gardener left his shoes and clothes on my deck.


Mike said...

LOL. I liked havng a small number to remember to until I realized I doubled it last year. Oh well have to use 2 hands now.

Comedy Goddess said...

Guys who like to work with Mother Nature are good guys. I like him.

Michele said...

I'm leaning towards him myself. I think your idea to lay it all on the line is a great one. If he want to up on your train than great but if not than he knows where you're going and can get off at the next stop.

OMG, I think that has way too many transportation references. Sorry.

Hit 40 said...

This one sounds like a keeper! How fun.

A guy willing to help out without begging? Excellent.

Mrs. K said...

I'm going to tell you one thing...if he's interested in messing around, he wouldn't stick around to try and nurse your ass back to health...just sayin' it like it is...most 'playboys' when faced with this situation give you the 'i'll call you card'...don't write him off just yet. I am growing fond of this one.

LL said...

What's wrong with him... something's gotta be wrong... You can't possibly have fallen into something good. We're talking about YOU here!!! :P said...

I see that you are back to capitalizing again.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Don said...

Forget the guys, what's with your hand? It sounds awful - to put it mildly. Maybe Gardener did you a favor trying to wrestle you to the ground. Did he at least take you to the ER?

Charmaine said...

Don - he didn't take me. i didn't realize it was broken until the following day after a sleepless night on my couch. i let evil surfer dude take me. it was a disaster that ended with me kicking him out of my house.

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