Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, Mothers and Men

Today was the last day of my mother's visit.

She is funny, misguided, irreverent and bizarrely friendly. She managed to meet every one of my neighbours. I deposited her with my cousin Kim who is one of the most gracious women I've ever met.
Her house is warm and filled with love despite it's opulence. (That's no easy trick. I know, I'm surrounded by them.) Such places are often cold monuments to new found affluence and succeed at nothing more then self-congratulation. Kim is different. She has depth.
I've spent decades barricading my life from my extended family. I had my reasons.
After The King of Produce failed to call within a couple of days, my mother (despite having fallen for him) was done. I summoned a replacement.

Please take your Valium now, you're gonna need it.

I let Evil Surfer Dude come over. After months of Charmaine deprivation he arrived with white roses. "You know what white roses mean;" I said. "They mean you love me." He said, "no it's just cuz the yellow ones looked dead."

My mudder liked him. "He's so easy" she said. "He doesn't put on an act".

We walked to the beach. The walk culminated at our favorite rock formation. At the top there is a divet. We sit as waves crash around us. He asked me if I was going to marry him. (I should take more men to the "magic" rock.)


Anonymous said...

Sun, Surf, Mom, Food & a little fun thrown in. It was, indeed, a great day for you.

Char said...

You're wearing me out. I think you are maybe just a little bit fickle (well ok, maybe a lot).

Your mom looks/sounds like a terrific lady. said...

I cannot keep up with all of this!


Eat Well. Live Well.

namaste said...

your mom is beautiful and she sounds like a lot of fun.

as for the evil surfer dude? at least you got some pretty flowers.


JIMSIGHT said...

More twists and turns than a Bartholomew Gil novel, of course without any of the anticipation it appears to be turning more towards the Abbott and Costello "who's on first" bit...

May I recomend Adrian Legg song.. Pass the Valium

Don said...

Jeez, another guy! One who arrives with roses and you quote 'the meaning of flowers' to him? WTF And since I don't know anyone who has 'money', I can't relate to Kim but she sounds nice anyway. Hell, even your mom sounds better than your initial description.

Ahhh, you aren't going to marry Evil Surfer Dude, are you? LOL

SSP said...

knowing the truth about your mother, these comments make me laugh in a sadly demented way........

High Desert Diva said...

*shakes head at the re-emergence of ESD*

LL said...

*gasp* I'm with her ^

Anonymous said...

You did not!!! ESD??????

Briana said...

SSP, you, Charmaine and I have the unfortunate luck of actually knowing our mom. (Sometimes I wish I only read about her in a blog)!

Anonymous said...

I saw that post you're hiding!! I'm not worried about anything 'cause you'll be fine- gnats in your ass- that's all it is for now (is that good?)...I'm just like...he drives that car and couldn't spring for the $?!?!?? yup you're right- that was your time to huss it up.

SweetPeaSurry said...

So .. are ya gonna marry him? Or are you keeping with the gardner? My guy and I are stringing eachother along nicely. It's a good thing he's 500 miles away or I might have gone psycho on him.

Such is life!