Wednesday, May 6, 2009

King Lost his Crown

One minute you’re on a date and the next you’re hitch hiking.

I forgot to say The King was back. Down graded to “Produce Stock Boy” for reasons that will become apparent.

We went to Blue Fin for Sushi. I knew he liked me. Still, when he picked me up for dates he did not kiss me. He did not put his hand on my knee, tell me I looked nice…nothing. I'm not used to that. Later, of course, we would be making out.

Then we walked to Javier’s for Cinco De Mayo.

Everything was fine. We were kissing by then. I was aware I was doing something odd. I was talking about other men I’ve dated.

I thought I saw The Argentinean. The King followed him to the bathroom. A couple of young men started hitting on me. When the King returned the young men did not leave.

The King left for the car. I walked to the parking lot to wait. The two guys followed me. The King saw us, pulled around and sped off like a 17 year old. He was smiling.
He left me there.
The King had my purse. I was in a parking lot with two irritating young opportunists who reminded me of rapists. I had no money, no phone, could not call a cab. I let them drive me home. I was stranded.

I was nervous. There were two (2) of them and only one (1) of me.
The King was okay with exposing me to danger.

Then he called today with the lamest apology ever and a different recollection of events. This makes it better, during his apology he breaks up with me and tells me he is not "in love" with me because leaving me stranded wasn't hurtful enough. He had to go for "The Gold".
And the Gold Medal goes to the "Produce Stock Boy". Good job! (Sound of applause.)
I could have hurt him in my sleep. I chose not to. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is restrained other words/manhood.


Neither Here Nor There said...

What a putz!

Mrs. K said...

Holy shit- that's not funny or forgivable on any level.

Diane said...

Are you CRAZY, woman?! Next time, go back into the restaurant and use their phone to call a friend! Now two creepy guys, who could have raped you in their car, know where you live! I'll come from VA to pick you up if I have to (and I'm more than happy to run over the King with my car on the way).

lisa said...

I totally agree with Mrs. K. don't you DARE look at him again. Who treats someone like that? His mother would be appalled!

And follow Diane's advise. However, you will not be in that situation again since you won't be seeing the King again.

Sorry about the rant, but that's so not funny & dangerous.

JIMSIGHT said...

you sure can pick sweatheart and I am not talking about produce either..

ummm how did he get into your house did you move the transporter to the inside...

think you need to stay out of the deep end of the pool for a while. just a thought

You could tell him to go climb a tree but... well you know..

Annie said...

I've been reading here for awhile, can't for the life of me remember how I got here. Anywho, my two cents: drop that bald bastard hard and fast. He doesn't deserve a second chance. Block his number honey, he ain't worth the effort. said...

Sometimes you have to find out about people the hard way.


Eat Well. Live Well.

smellyshelley said...

What an ASS!

You need to have someone else pick your dates for you...these guys are putzes.

Michele said...

There is no excuse for leaving someone without a means of getting home. That is just irresponsible. Not to mention dangerous. You do not want to ever see someone like that again!

Don said...

What an asshole! If you lived in San Diego I'd accuse you of being with my wife's ex-husband! Jeez, you were really lucky to get out of that. Couldn't you go back into the restaurant and use their phone?

Oh, and I think Produce Clerk is insulting to lots of Produce Clerks - how about Bald Rabid Bat Boy?

Char said...

Oh I am so sorry and ashamed for wanting you to give K of P another chance. Whatta JERK! F him. He should be hung from a tree.

But hon, NEVER, NEVER again do what you did. That was so dangerous. I am so glad you made it home, but anything could've happened to you.

Hedgie said...

Well, my juicy gooseberry of joy, has it occurred to you that, when it comes to the opposite sex, you have seriously impaired judgment?

namaste said...

wow. i don't even know what to say. thank god you got home okay.


webberpa said...

Man, you are LUCKY something bad did not happen...and the "king" is now a pawn...a real man would never leave a woman in such a predicament, even if she was kinda drunk, which I think you were. Still the rules for dating required him to ensure that you made it home safe and sound, or at least called you a cab and got your butt home. No, no, no, under no circustances have anything to do with this guy again. And dont drink so much, its not lady-like, and it can lead you to be in dangerous situations like this, ya know?

LyN said...

please, NEVER ever to get caught in a situation with 2 guys like that. anyway, you could have just hailed a cab and get driver to send you to King's crib and get your purse back. or use restaurant's phone to call a friend to come pick you up. oh yea, talking about him, such a bum!! disgrace!! oh well, forget about him. :)

tjames said...

You can do soooo much better. No need to waste your time on a jerk.

Tammy said...

Yikes. What a jerk!

Sometimes it takes something big like that to snap you out of it, though. Do not talk to that loser again!

Michelle said...

Charmaine, you seriously need some alone time. Fuck the kissing produce man and not literally!

Why are you subjecting yourself to these insane non-dates??

I don't get it!

BlueEyedWonder said...

Wow!!! What an ass!!! I hope you never want to see that man again....

SweetPeaSurry said...

I'd like to hear this excuse!!! What a freakazoid, and I'm talking the King ... not YOU! Sheesh ... the least he could have done was pelt your pocketbook at you on the drive-by! There is no chivalry in this world!