Friday, May 8, 2009

Bumpy Ride

The Week in Review

1. The King left me at a restaurant. No one in the history of the WORLD ever did that to me. Despite my flaws, I'm considered quite "the catch".

Some of you kicked me in the arse after divulging "his" side. Remember, his side was a version...NOT necessarily true.

I was about to post something about missing "The Vern". As if on cue...

2. Vern's girlfriend emailed me to tell me she is pregnant.

(She asked me to remove my blog entries about him so her baby would not read negative things about his "daddy". )

Jesus. Did you know my blog was that ubiquitous? Me neither.

So the knocked-up girlfriend asked me to erase part of my life. How will she erase the fact that her kid's mother makes babies out of wedlock? Where's the delete button for THAT?

I guess I shouldn't judge.

I deleted posts about "The Vern" as requested. Me? Scar a child for life? Never.

So many people ask me to delete posts. It's funny. As if my blog is the BIBLE where all truth can be found. One friend asked me to stop referring to myself as a "whore" cuz his friends read my blog and he wants to marry me so when I say such sends the "wrong message".


When I ended things with "The Vern" it tooks months to realize what I'd lost. I lost a man who truly loved me. But it wasn't meant to be.


Mrs. K said...

I didn't leave a message about the King's version because well, you're a grown woman and you're going to do what you want- but I'm reading this novel 'love the one you're with' forgot the author and would go check except my husband is still sleeping and it's in my room, but The King reminds me of 'Leo' in the story. I had a 'Leo' also. Addicting, but so glad I broke the habit and finally went with someone who treats me with respect, who is nice and liked by everyone and wants to be a part of things with my friends as much as his friends.

JIMSIGHT said...

Really not sure what happened to that spunky, over confident, extremly attractive gal that I went on a date with. You know the one that was in such to usher me to the curb, maybe you should give her a call and see what she thinks..

and by the way, you are smart but does that equate to common sense.. hmmmmm

Charmaine said...

Good point Jim. Good point. I thought I was falling in love with the ass hole. It turned me into a wimp. But don't worry. I think I'm making a come-back.

namaste said...

good lord, girlie, your skin is thick! i never stop being amazed at how out-right people can be with their judgments.

i can certainly share some stories about my middle-age dating years, cuz i've only been married six years. and those dating years of mine were SO not pretty and sometimes quite far from "lady-like."

as a blogger, i find it is the writer that is the least open about their own vulnerabilities who will judge others the harshest.

thank you for letting us in to this part of your life. i get that it is just that, a PART, of your experiences. i get that it does not inform everything about you. there is so much more that is clearly beautiful and wonderful given the honesty and reflection on the dating aspects.

as for the girlfriend, she's a funny little bird and she needs to move on.

;) said...

Your life sure is an open book.

Like I said, when it comes to dating, trial and error sure is a tough way to learn.


Eat Well. Live Well.

lisa said...

I apologize for lamblasting you.

Version - is such an overrated word. And now that I know you lie.....I like you even more. :)


SweetPeaSurry said...

HEH, can you hardly wait to see how the little monkey baby comes out?

bright blessings girl and good riddance to that one!

Michelle said...

I am really confused at what you are trying to portray here!! Your making me feel kinda sad. Like you changed overnight. Come back!!!!

King of New York Hacks said...

You are definitely going to get through this much easier than you anticipate. Number one, he was NO King. I am the only King round these parts. Two, fate is always around the corner and I look forward to that post. Peace.

Briana said...

I can explain this. There is the Charmaine that Charmaine IS. And there is the Charmaine that Charmaine WANTS to be. The Charmaine that she WANTS to be is not vulnerable to heartbreak because she won't let herself care about anyone. This, combined with her extraordinary wit and writing skills, provides the reader with the "Charmaine" they wish they could be because they have all been hurt before and don't want to be hurt again.

The Ex-King of Produce was surprisingly able to make Charmaine let down her guard and care. So when he turned into a frog (like we all know men do), she was taken completely by surprise.

So, it's sad, yes, but it is a huge step forward.

Mrs. K said...

ps- had to come back and tell dating life was a comedy of errors...i only got married for the first time ever at 38 and i already had a daughter so you can just imagine me, single with a kid who was categorized as a big 'whoopsie' by many assholes- i'll dig up my blogging posts from my old blog and repost just for you :) i fell down so many times i had scabs all over my body but in the end i learned what i wanted.

you'll be fine...i learned i had to do things on my own terms which is why i said you were going to do what you wanted...because it is your journey. know what i mean jellybean? :)

Senorita said...

I don't think you should've deleted those posts when the ex gf asked you too. Instead of being "supportive" you should've told her to print out your posts and shove it where the sun don't shine because that's all the deleting that will be happening.

It's your blog, your post. Please post it back up !

Men who truly love you don't go back to exes and knock them up. It doesn't sound like Vern was such a prize.

Unless I am missing something, this sounds like a good riddance thing to me. However, if I am wrong, please say so and I will appologize.

Vodka Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Don said...

Delete this, delete that, rewrite history - BS! I like reading about your adventures even when they seem a bit outlandish. Life is truly stranger than fiction.

And WTH is Vodka Mom wishing you Happy Mother's Day? Or did I miss something?

Hit 40 said...

Darn you!!! I don't know how I didn't find you. You stalk Michel!!!

I try to keep track of her!!! I want to start a free Michel blog!!!

BlueEyedWonder said...

Girl..just be who you are and that's what counts!!!

I had been so bitter about men..even before I had started my blog..and remember, right now I have my prince but before him...I met so many IDIOTS!!! Didn't date because it was so much easier to live life..and even when I decided to date, the men were STILL idiots..and then along came my prince...

I can't even say HOW it happened or just did and does..

Your "king" was no king..He was an idiot..don't let it make you bitter..
For an ex's gf to ask you to remove postings...that was wrong of her. That was a part of who you are/were. at times, eh??

Lisa said...

Crap - I'm working backward through posts and I know I've missed something. I do like what namaste says about those who judge harshest. You let your guard down and got hurt for your trouble. That stings.

P.O.M. said...

OMG you have a lot of shiz going on. I cna't believe she is pregs. Do you believe it? What does Vern say?

What else is going on? Email me.