Sunday, August 31, 2008

Senior Guapo

This little feller reappeared again. I finally spoke with him yesterday.

He has called and texted me over 30 times. Maybe more.

He is a professional soccer player for the California Victory Soccer team. But... people he is 26 years old.


Did I metion that he is Twennnnnnty Sixxxxxxxxx?

And relentless. He says, with an accent, come on Charmeeen, are jew sayin dat jew have too miny friends? We can be jes friends if jew like, have dinner and see movies together. Jew know, age eez jes a number.

ha ha. He just called again. I didn't pick up. I think I look a bit older then I do on the picture I have posted on (It's the same on one this blog). Maybe I should update it, show off the bod...keep the attention off my face.

I also have a sneaking suspician that evil surfer dude has found my blog. It's just a nagging feeling...

Evil surfer dude, if you have found this blog, show yourself immediately.


Greying said...

okay...I've just started a blogger specfic search on "middle age" and wind up at your blog:

1st: no way your middle aged...unless your pic is from your college days and it was taken in the early 1980's.
2nd: men peak sexually at the 26 year old before he slides any further down that slippery slope that inevitably leads to a Flomax perscription...10 to 1 says he won't need a lesson in anatomy nor directions to the spot that made the letter G famous.
3rd: What's so scary about a tall man, with large hands, big feet....and that drives a Honda?

Charmaine said...

Ha ha. I AM middle aged. Let's just say...I am DEEP into my 40's.

If you want a laugh, go back into my blog history and find my date with "Doctor Cop-A-Feel" it was my favorite.

Who is the tall man with large hands and big feet who drives a Honda? Either it's you...or is that teacher I dated from Palm Springs? ha ha

Greying said...

okay, let's put the issue of age to rest, i'll trust you on that, after all, who better to say? but answer me this, how do you keep you skin so young looking?

what a hoot I had reading the "Doctor Cop-A-Feel" post...makes me wonder (for maybe the one millionth and that a word, oneth? time) why an apparently sweet single woman with a great sense of humor isn't swept up in some scintillating romance...i mean with someone who isn't an habitual liar...also reminds me that while I am often tempted, I should never exercise my option to re-enter Single World...

And of course that tall man is me...and you ducked the question...scary? really? what is the clinical designation for someone who is afraid of tall people, "altiphobic"?

Trevor Oseen said...

You know what they say about men with big hands and big feet... They make great clowns. Skip 'em.

Charmaine said...

Dear Greying,

Please avoid, if possible, re-entering the single world.

No natural woman is "altiphobic". I am, however, very afraid of Oompa Loompas.

You need to start a blog.

Why am I single? Have I mentioned..I live in Orange County? Most women my age have had several face lifts surgeries.

I stayed out of the sun but I'm correcting that...hanging out at the beach almost daily. I'll look like a hag in no time.

P.O.M. said...

Is Greying hitting on you? HOw fun is that??!!!??!?!?!?

Greying - she is middle aged, but definately a hottie.

The Wolf said...

okay...I probably should leave well enough alone...but

Oompa Loompas Anxiety? P.O.M.? Trevor? Running Blogs? Getting Skipped (yes I am flat bottomed but no, I am not accustomed to being skipped across the waves), skipping running, Cabo, Triathlons? Whew.

Not to mention Punk Ass Sisters and sucked on lower lips that are vacuum formed into blood blisters. Perhaps Dr. Cop A Feel might patent that process as an alternative to injections.

Wow. Makes my head spin.

So, unlike you, I did not stay out of the sun in my younger days, and like you, in an Upstate, New York pathetically sun poor kinda way, do abuse my skin and am...what's the male equivalency of Hag?...Hog?...well, lets just say, my skin is thin.

Perhaps I'll just contemplate the complexities of surgical options for women in Orange County for now and reflect on my insight into that breed through the tiny, prick-hole lens of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" show which I do admit to having seen for long enough to know there was one woman named Slade it.

P.S. I've tried to get started myself at but I find myself constantly rewriting my posts, editing, fixing the grammar from my rambles and I'm afraid I'm not making much progress.

Vodka Mom said...

wait, I'm distracted by the HOT YOUNG GUY.

26??? no biggie............