Friday, August 22, 2008

Surfer Dude - Cheap Ass Sucker

I hung out with Surfer Dude (evil version) yesterday. We hiked 6 miles over El Moro Canyon and then went to Crystal Cove Beach (he body surfed among a bunch of of kids which, embarassed me...I don't know why. ) I watched him watch the kids and it kinda freaked me out. I just looked at the women who looked better then me in bikinis. Then I jogged on the beach. Then picnic lunch.

He brought over 2 bottles of water and 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. I made brownies and egg salad sandwhiches. I also cooked us breakfast.

Now, I know this may be weird, but it pisses me off that the man brings over exactely 2 tiny bottles of water and 1 diet coke. Why couldn't he just bring over a six pack of coke? Why just bring exactely what he was planning to consume?

I can't stand cheap. I can't stand it. Especially when I am broke. Even broke, I'm not cheap.

The day was fine, but I had dollar signs in the back of my head. We hiked hard for about 6 miles. That is the ONLY thing I like about this man. He pushes me.

Later in the day he was professing his fake love again and proceeded to advise what a good catch he is, financially. I guess he has over 200K in the bank, not to mention 401K and stocks.

All I could think about is that with 200K in the bank the best he could do was to bring over 2 tiny bottles of water? When he left I added up how much the day had cost me. Not much I know but still:

Buy Brownie Mix
Buy Eggs (breakfast and sandwiches)
Buy nuts
Buy oil
Buy bread for egg salad sandwiches
Buy OJ for breakfast
Buy Water
Buy Popsicles
Bought dinner for myself (he ate my un-eaten 7 hour old Pb&J for dinner) Jesus.

Two bottled waters


Slyde said...

i'm with you. I cannot STAND cheap people.

people who honestly cant afford to throw money away is another matter entirely. But when you are REALLY cheap just because you CAN be? then i will hate you.

Dont sweat it.. when we start dating i will throw money at your feet.....

Michelle J said...

Girlie i say concentrate on running, if you run fast enough its almost as good as an orgasm!!! :O)


Stephanie said...

Strike infinite against evil surfer dude!

Returned Surf Pup's calls yet?

P.O.M. said...

Call him out on it.
Sometimes men need to be TOLD what to do. You must lead them and guide them.

Next time he is on his way over, say "hey, stop at the market and grab x, y anx z." Remember to be specific or they get all confused.