Sunday, August 3, 2008

Surfer Dude - Revealed

This is/was surfer dude.
I can already hear you. Not what you expected. He looks more like the nerdy scientist that he is.

So yep, I went to see him yesterday. We got back together, so to speak. But you know how this works, right?

It doesn't work. He declared his love for me, asked for us to be exclusive and, not 10 minutes after I left his house he was back on line trolling for babes. I'm internet savvy. :-)a

It's not that I minded, I didn't want to be exclusive. I just hated the lie, like most women. It so insulting. So I kicked him the curb last night.
I learned a lesson. It was about time. Oh and...I deserve this, because of my massive hubris. Truth be told, he's been calling me ever since. Yawn. I'm on to bigger and better things.

So this is my date for next week. He's another surfer dude who actually looks the part. He also has a successful persona. But frankly, I don't care what the man does for a living.
My new strategy is to only date men I find attractive. I used to date men who were not attractive cuz...I guess I thought they would appreciate me more.
It's simply not true.


amanda said...

WOW what the hell happened over the weekend?!? I have to agree with you on the "popping up" thing. I don't like when people just show up. (though it happens to me on a weekly basis with the 100 people in my immediate family) I can understand the resume thing too, he could have been a little nicer...BUT I don't think you needed to break-up. Dude we both know you like him, and relationships are hard, you just have to deal with it. This next surfer is going to have issues as well and things you are not going to like about him. You need to just make it work!

Charmaine said...

Hey Amanda,

Yes I did like him. But run, don't walk to my next post. You won't believe it.

I got played. Big time.

Michelle J said...

Hi Charmaine,
I have no advice becauase i always choose the wrong guys for me!! BUT, give surfer dude 2 a chance! Maybe, just maybe....

Eh, what do i know? Your a beautiful woman and funny, wanna date me??? :O)

OK that was wierd! Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.O.M. said...

You got played by that dweeb?? WTF?

Remember a long time ago when I said if a guys is gonna break your heart and treat you bad, it may as well be a hot guy? Damn.

P.O.M. said...

PS. new guy looks cute.

PSS. Why are you up so early if you're unemployed? Sleep in woman!

amanda said...

WHAT?!? That fugly tried to be a playa???? Oh hell no! He needs to go!

Stephanie said...

I like the new surfer dude better. He looks promising. Old surfer dude kind of looks like one of those 'Most Wanted' photos that show up on the news.

f1wahine said...

creep looks like a priest on the make. if the photo of the man in the water is him, he's not a surfer - he's a boogie boarder:: HUGE difference!!

Briana said...

I know he's a dick (pun intended with sarcasm), but can you call him and ask him to rewrite my resume:)?