Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You're Warnings!

I might ignore a warning once, maybe twice...

But not 15 warnings.

EVERYONE (it's official) is creeped out by Surfer Dude.

I invision images of Scott Peterson dragging his murdered pregnant bride and tossing her into a lake afterwhich he gazed deadpan straight into the cameras declaring, "I did not murder my wife". The friends and family never liked him. The thing is, a woman can be wrong about a man.

Friends and family are rarely wrong.

It isn't due to any particular psychic ability, rather, they KNOW you. The clues lie in how you describe the person and if you are beginning to act out-of-character.

I was pretty much willing to ignore every sign. I mean really, how many more signs could there be? Still....I was ignoring them because of my current seemingly desperate situation. And I would have continued to do so if not for YOUR comments.

I listen to you. I consider you my friends.

I stopped answering my cell when I was with Surfer Dude. He would get a bit jealous and it just wasn't worth it. But....that's not normal.

The clincher came yesterday when my baby sister texted me; "Call me or I'm calling 911". (She thinks he is a murderer since his last two girlfriends died. Even one of my nephews left a message on my phone asking me to call him. (My sister didn't put him up to it.)

It's like the Gods are saying, WAKE UP CHARMAINE!!!!

I miss having swanky dinners with fantastic wine at tables glittering with candles. I miss answering the phone. I miss talking about ME occasionally.

I'm an independent person. Just a few weeks of not working sent me reeling into a feeling of such desperation and fear I was willing to sell myself....the devil.


Michelle J said...

You can do it Charmaine!! Just end it! Don't answer his phone calls, or better yet just send him an email. You need him out of your life for good!! Please!! Listen to your friends and family!!! Your sister is worried about you, so am I!!!



Spicy Latina said... don't answer your cell phone cause he gets jealous??? Girl what is up with you?!? Money isn't everything and we still are not sure he has any money! You need to leave him, and if your not, make sure you post his address so I know where to send the cops if you don't blog for a couple days. Also start looking for bank statements and DEMAND you meet his "friends". This man is a freak! Hey, why don't we (you, surfer dude, jess and i) meet up for some yummy mexican soon (like at taco bell) so we can meet him. lol I'm serious!

SF said...

just think of it this way, without a man, not only will your butt never land in the toilet water in the middle of the night; you won't have to rinse little black hairs out of the sink and around the faucet, and you will not have to worry about what he might have left on the shower floor when he was in there last. Men are great, and highly useful for some things, like swanky dinners, particularly when you are unemployed, but you will be ok - take care of yourself first (ie job) and the rest of the stuff will fall into place.

Markitos said...

Whooa Thats freakin scary!! I know we guys are a bit...... well guyish but.... murder, dead ... lake and the rest should never come up in any conversation. Even when gazing over a bean and cheese burrito...

P.O.M. said...

Just catching up.
You already know my 2 cents.

PS: no john talk online anymore.

Briana said...

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that they had "thought about" going to law school, I could afford to quit my job as a lawyer. Oh wait, I did that. Now I really do need those dollars!