Saturday, August 9, 2008

Loose Ends

I just wanted to tie up the loose ends. Evil Surfer Dude sent flowers and a LONG email where he professed to have been planning to ask me to marry him.

Can you believe that?

Kewl Blond Surfer Dude professed NOT to have said to me, "Do you want to make history?" at the end of our date.

He said I was just hearing what I wanted to hear. Huh? Why would I want to hear something that makes no sense?

Have all the men gone mad?

Someone, please alert the media. Manmadness, it's an epidemic.

At least in Southern California.

I'm moving to Vermont.

But not until after my date with the Jewish Media Relations guy tomorrow night. He's writing a screen play on middle aged internet dating. He just met the mother load, if he's looking for material that is.


Michelle J said...

Hello there pretty lady!! Ok, so there has to be a story as to why you miss spell your name?? Is there? You crack me up!!

Jewish Media Relations guy huh?? PERK!!! If it doesn't work out send him to ny! Just kidding, he may be THE ONE!!!

Hey you ever in NY? It would be a hoot to hang with you!!!

Wanna dance??

Stephanie said...

So - still no potential with nice looking surfer dude!?