Friday, August 15, 2008


It has recently come to my attention (because p.o.m. rarely resists the opportunity to remind me) that I have certain "patterns" with men.

She is referring to my break up to make up "pattern".

Another pattern that "My Three Sons" recounts is the "you never date men you are attracted to Charmaine because you're afraid of getting hurt".

I'd like to confess to a bigger pattern. The one I notice.

I only dive into relationships during times of unemployment. It's hilarious.

My last one (I call him Vern) I met during my last time of unemployment 8 years ago.

After Vern... followed gainful employment. I dated but never made it past date #2. It only takes me two dates to figure out what's wrong with you, if you're a man.

I'm unemployed again. So...Surfer Dude is back. There is plenty wrong with him. But I'll ignore it for now. Say, in case I need a little help. Does this make me a whore or does my heart only open when I'm vulnerable?

Who knows?

I remember when my father died. My mother never dated again. Maybe she didn't think she needed to. My Aunt did the same thing after her husband died. The minute they felt they didn't NEED a man, the men were history.

Sometimes dating a man feels like a second job. I can only deal with one job at a time.


Michelle J said...

True about woman never dating after losing their spouse! Not so with men though..i know many many men who after losing their mate, found what they like to call "woman friend"...code for i want to get into your pants.."woman friend"...i've seen it time and time again!!

Damn men!!!


carla said...

DAMN I love that last sentence.

though for me sometimes MARRIAGE feels like a second job.

dont tell my husband.

Ive already informed him.


Briana said...

Some widows just turn to the bottle (or should I say several bottles) of cheap wine and turn into skeletors. Makes it hard to get a date.