Friday, October 16, 2009


There is a scene from my favorite movie, Sense and Sensibility.
The older sister says, “He loved you dearest. He made us all think he loved you. Did he leave you with any understanding? Based on your behavior I assumed he had.”
“Yes. No.” She sobs. “He’s not so unworthy as that. It was never declared but every day implied.”
Then she almost dies of a broken heart. See, Willaby needed money. He had to marry a rich woman.
The young protagonist married a hero instead, Colonel Brandon.
Bring me my Colonel.

I’m as indifferent as she was. The Colonel’s abiding love changed her.
He didn’t talk about his x-wife. He didn’t do a thing to make her jealous because love, doesn’t do that.
Love is infinitely kind.
Thanks Braja.
You’re my hero today. But I can’t marry you cuz you’re a girl and…uh, married.


LL said...

A colonel? Hmmmmmmm...

Are you into fried chicken by any chance?

That One Mom said...

Such a fantastic story. I think I should read it again. Thanks for the inspiration!

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Hi! I'm your 100th follower!

And about love being kind, I can't agree more to that. I can't believe that there are people out there ready to ram in a whole piece of rusty iron rod right through your heart and still say "I love you"!

Irish Gumbo said...

Infinitely kind, I hope so. Sometimes I forget that. Thank you for reminding me :)

Joanie M said...

I hope you find your Colonel.

Char said...

Someday your Colonel will come...

Charmaine said...

LL- Very funny. ha.

That One Mom - You should rent the movie.

Ekanthapadhikan - Huh? Wha? I have a 100 followers? Yea, Some people are cruel. The King was never outwordly so. It was just something inexplicable...beneath the surface. I could never put my finger on it. I may have just made it all up, in my head.

Irish - Yea. Love is also a pain in the ass too.

Joanie - I'm not liking the odds at this point.

Char - I don't know. I just don't know anymore.

Rikkij said...

C-how come in all them Jane Austens the men never work but never run out of brandy and clever quips? And just how many castles are there in England??
and to your question. Yes.
how's that for a riddle?

secret agent woman said...

Here via Braja. I just read back through several posts. there's soemthing infinitely different about being middle aged and single and being young and single. Althuogh you can't get that until you have moved out of young. I did a 3-day series (sept 21-23) about a brief expereince on the worst dating site I've ever been on. If you want to feel better about your own life, have a look at those some time.

SweetPeaSurry said...

That movie has been on this month, and I've watched it nearly 4 times, I loved those quotes!

bright blessings!

Lisa said...

I did it backward. Well, sort of. I had passion. Then love, the kind love you write about. Then passion again with the kind love always there to keep me stable.

What I really want it time to know myself and be kind to myself.

I hope you find what you need - a love that is infinitely kind and with passion (just enough, not the 'somebody fetch me the straightjacket' kind.)

Charmaine said...

Lisa, I think we've got it already.

It all around us. Maybe we don't want to look at it, not just now.

But it IS there. I'm more guilty then anyone...of not looking.

BlueEyedWonder said...

I never believed it to be true but it is...this one thing Charmaine:

"When you relax and stop looking that's when it happens"

That's when it happened to me.

Ellie said...

never declared but every day implied. Hmm. And if women *could* live with that we'd all be happy.