Saturday, October 17, 2009

Screw this.

I'm deleting my self pity.  If you read something before... now it's gone.

Braja sent me an Indian Mantra that I REALLY want to share with you. There is compassion and resignation in it. Send me your email and I’ll forward it to you. Resignation doesn't really appeal to Irish folks  We like to fight and blow stuff up. But still...
It’s so hauntingly beautiful that I’m considering becoming a Hindu myself.
The Kings x-wife became a Hindu before she dumped him. How’s that for irony?
The King, making women into Hindus…one woman at a time.


Senorita said...

My aunt and uncle converted to Hinduism, and they took me to the temple when I was ten. Beautiful traditions.

One of my cousins joined a monastery over twenty years ago in Hawaii. I haven't seen much of him then.

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Isn't this sad that people are converting their religions? I'm sorry to say this but I'm against this. I feel it's like choosing another parents because you felt your parents were not good enough. Why can't people be in one single religion and yet follow and respect another just like you'd consider a very good neighbour of yours as your family.

But I know why this cannot happen. 'coz to do certain things, you need to have the tag of a religion. I'm a Hindu and sometimes really feel the need to go to a Christian church and confess. But it's not possible 'coz I'm a Hindu. Sometimes, I wish I could be inside a Islam mosque and attend their prayers with my friend. But I can't 'coz I'm a Hindu. One of my friend who is a Christian very much want to visit a very famous Krishna temple in my place. But she can't do that 'coz there hangs a board in front of the temple saying "Non-Hindus are not allowed". Then I see Christian missionaries coming in and converting the poor in return for the food and shelter they give them. And how the hell can that be justified? Is charity a business? I'm forced to believe so. And the worst of all, the one I'm ashamed even to mention is the new development in Hinduism that converts people to Hindus.

Anyone who knows and understands the core of Hinduism would agree with me that Hinduism is not a religion. It's a culture of a land just like the Greek was. If you patiently observe the two cultures viz. Greek and Hindu, you'll see a lot of similarities in them. And for, God's sake Hinduism is a way of life, a culture and never a religion. I don't understand how this became a religion at all. My history is not that strong to find answer to that question me-self.

Now, please don't feel bad for me saying all this. This is an issue which has been brewing in my mind for long.

Charmaine said...

Ekanthapadhikan - I don't feel bad for you. You are merely questioning. I admire it.

I'm an Irish Catholic. But I can't be a Catholic anymore. I don't believe a word of it.

I would feel more at home in a Jewish temple. Somewhere...nowhere.

I think you can change religions. It's the human condition to search for peace.

But thank you for clarifying Hinduism. Like Islam, it's a way of life. Some people in it, from it, reject it. Others embrace it.

You should see the stiches I have over my left eye after visiting Israel. They thought I was a terrorist. I wasn't. But my grandfather was.

So maybe I was judged. But they were wrong. I just wanted to join a Kibbutz and grow vegetables, that's all.

♥ Braja said...

I wouldn't call it converting to Hinduism....they're totally weird sometimes. Like Ekan says, "No Hindus Allowed" is out the front of some so-called "Hindu" temples, and because I'm white-skinned, I can't go in. However, although Hindus supposedly are cow protectors, if you're dark skinned you can get in that temple, even if you slaughter cows. Sooooo clever, that....:)))

Charmaine said...


You can come into my temple any time. I've got a place waiting near the a window. No skin color is recognized.