Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why Women Remain Single

Ring Ring


Him: Is this Charmaine?

Me: Yes. Who were you expecting, the Night Stalker?

Him: Silence.

Him: This is Steve. Did you get my messages?

Me: I can't remember.

Him: I'm calling you from the Balboa Bay Club. I don't know if you got my last message. I forgot my cell today so I thought I'd call you from here.

Me: Okay.

Him: I don't know if you know about me and the Balboa Bay Club?

Me: Um, I don't. Do you mean you in RELATION to the Balboa Bay Club?

Him: Huh? I'm a personal trainer here. Would you like to meet tomorrow before the party?

Me: So I can determine if you are a serial killer and you can decipher if I'm one?

Him: Sound of crickets.

Me: Uh, Steve? That was a joke.

I'm already bored into a coma. I'll never make it past hello.

Why women remain single (below) (You have to cut and paste.)


Kelly said...

"It's not me, it's you, Steve. Thank you for playing. Here's your lovely parting gift. Next!"

Comedy Goddess said...

I'm so glad the Stud didn't call you! yikes!!

Sunil said...

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LL said...

You leave me speechless Charm. Speechless.