Sunday, September 27, 2009

To My Little Sister

This song is for you: Listen.
Erin. That’s her on the left. She lies, cheats and steals as a matter of course. She was an attorney and mother.
Erin, listen to me. There is only one way out of this morass…you have to stop stealing and cheating.
Your most recent escapade wherein you are attempting to steal from our mother again (who lives on Social Security) will not be tolerated. Not this time. Briana and I will stop you.

You’re better then this. You were such a smart and beautiful young woman. I think something terrible may have happened to you.

Bad things happened to all of us. You’re not the exception except for the fact you leverage your injury to hurt others.
For once in your life, choose wisely. Choose family. We don’t have the luxury of time. Not anymore.


Oh My Goddess said...

There is always hope?

Joanie M said...

Wow! I thought this was going to be a humorous post, but I quickly saw differently.

I hope you can get through to her.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I thought it was going to be a silly post, too.... Man. I hope things work out. Best luck.

FishermansDaughter said...

You get that family matters - good on you for trying.

Charmaine said...

Sorry for the lack of humour folks.

When you look closely at funny people you will often find a trace of sadness lingering below.

I'll be funny tomorrow. I promise.

Briana said...

Where did you find that picture? I'm so cute :)

Briana said...

Oh wait a minute. I looked at the picture and it looks like I am screaming. Probably trying to escape :)

Charmaine said...

You're not screaming. You're being a ham.

Senorita said...

That is just despicable.

You were saying that she WAS and attorney and mother ? What happened to her bar card and children ?

There is a special place in Hell for people that steal from the elderly, especially if they are family.

Charmaine said...


My sister was an attorney. She was disbarred for stealing a clients money.

She has an adorable child who she lost custody of as a result of some very bad behavior on her part.

It's not disgusing. It's a flat out tragedy.