Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shocking News!

Let me go out on a limb don't stop by to read my left-wing, Bush-bashing political commentary, do you?

"We wanna hear about men.  Tell us about the MEN" the crowd chanted with increasing hostility.

Okay, settle down.

I'm not one to dissapoint reader. 

I had three very handsome gentlemen callers today.  Aiden, Jake and Bodi.  They came back twice because apparently, I'm a good time. 

I appeased their endless curiousity with blue popsicles.  "That'll keep their hands busy," I thought.  It resulted in what can only be described as sugar hysteria producing several blue stains on my white couch.

We played, the-restaurant-is-open-the-restaurant-is-closed game.  This was acheived by the lads opening and closing my gate with a CRASH to squeels of laughter.  I was elected  the "chef".  It's an ice cream restaurant, of course.
I showed them how to make their plastic slinkies from Chucky Cheese into moustaches, they pounded on my piano "It's a KEYBOARD not a piano Charmaine" Bodi informed me before twisting the nobs on my guitar to make them all even.  "Very smart" I said.

"Can you play the guitar?" I asked Bodi.  "Yes, I can play every instrument" he remarked. 

I totally get Vodka Mom  Who wouldn't want to be a Kindergarden teacher? 

I was telling someone about the day I went into premature menopause because something happened to me I could not explain.  All I could see were babies.  In mother's arms, playing in yards, screaming, laughing, playing, crying....they were EVERYWHERE.  Sometimes it still gets to me. Kids have been knocking on my door since I was in High School.
"It's because you play with them Charmaine" my sister says.  "You give them time and that's what every child wants" she explained. 

I've got time.  Send over the entire Kindergarden class!!


Comedy Goddess said...

They are lucky to have you!

Irish Gumbo said...

And blessed they are...some of us never outgrow that "wanting some time" :)

Re: "Pensive , with Rain" comment -
"Amor non tenet ordinem" - (love has nothing to do with order)...I'm a sucker for smart Irish broads (grin), sending soem love your way.

thank you for that. Peace.

Sharon said...

You are so beautiful. I'm glad I read your blog.

SSP said...

no kidding...i came out of pilates today to go sit in the hot tub and there was not one, but 6 mama's with babies in arms sitting out there around the tub....i couldn't take it, so I went to the inside one (no kids allowed there).....stupid hormones...but i tell ya, being an aunt rocks. neices are way cool, though I do love my one nephew who is almost 19...a new one on the way too!!

Charmaine said...

Comedy - We just became friends on facebook. How fun!!

Irish- You're a good man and a good father. I like you.

Sharon - You are stronger then you think you are. This is just between us girls.

SSP-You are so smart. My nephews rock my world. I'm scared to death of them turning 19 and forgetting all about "Antie Charmaine". But that's keeps moving forward.