Saturday, September 12, 2009

Monica Lewinsky

"One race, bro.  The human race"  Iz.

Here is what I've learned about "figthing back". 

You can't do it alone.  So many people try.  It's generally done through music,  literature or art. But let's face it, people don't read anymore.

When the world becomes so apathetic, inspired by fear or intimatidion...whatever the cause...we are all screwed. 

We allowed the former administration to break the Geneva Convention which condemns the torture of human beings as a war crime.  We are the only civilized country in the world to repeal it.

Nobody said a word. 

I have just one comment.  Dick Cheney said the torture tactics worked. 

So where is Osama I ask you? Don't you think it's weird we never "found" him?

I was not a fan of Saddam (the real target).  I am, however, a fan on the Constitution.

You're being played for a fool while the criminals slip out the back door, with bailouts galore stuffing their back pockets with our money.  Still, no one says a word cuz we're all scared.  We remain silent. Our silence will be our ultimate undoing.

I read an article today.  It mentioned that 30 million dollars was spent in investigating the Monica Lewinsky debacle.  Less then 10 million was spend investigating the Trade Towers act of terrorism.  Explain that to me? Did you read that article?  Of course not.  Americans don't actually read because we're scared to death of losing our jobs.  We don't want to read anything negative.  We have enough problems. Talk about mind controll. 

Love ya,


SSP said...

charmaine, i agree that we all live in fear, but don't imagine for one minute that "no one said a word." They are groups like move on . org, and millions of individuals who are outraged and who DO talk - visit a couple of these sites frequented by my father, as well as lots of other concerned citizens..yes, not ENOUGH concerned citizens to DO anything, but the tide is rising:;;;; and There are lots more too....You are not alone and change is coming.....we must not allow fear to win! Hang in there lady!!

Charmaine said...

Yup, I belong to move and other organizations. But it seems we are all just screaming in the dark.

Fragrant Liar said...

I don't think it's fear. Apathy is our biggest enemy. Too many of us think other people will take care of problems for us, like our elected officials. I'll go with the 80/20 rule and venture a guess that most Americans (80%) are ignorant and somewhat lazy about taking action or speaking out on issues that affect our country because too many of them think they are not affected. It's the 20% who actually speak out, and that's not enough. I'll stop there, but in essence, you make some great points.

webberpa said...

Char, the problem is there are too many idiots out there who listen to the right wing conservative radio talk shows like its a religion! Actually, they believe it is part of their religion.

Don said...

Give them Hell, Charmaine! We are acting like a bunch of sheep. We did dump Bush and his party but that's only the beginning of our work not the end.