Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dating Again? Ahhhh

I decided to begin dating again. Slowly. Well, I'm just thinking about it at this stage. No promises.

Bachelor number one (1) is a Biomedical Engineer. He seems nice.

Bachelor number two (2) invited me to an elaborate party this Saturday. He calls me, "adorable and strange". That will work.

Bachelor number three (3) is a private investigator. In his profile he says he, "likes the feel of rain on his body when making love". That will NOT work.

There is another interesting option. He lives down the road in a lovely home a block from the ocean. He clearly wants to get married again. (If I marry him I won't have to change my zip code.) He owns his own business. He's one of those stable and secure fellas entertained by whacky women like me.

He's calling incessantly. I've decided to be upfront and say I'm ultimately looking for a relationship that culminates in marriage. It's the truth. I've just never said it out loud.

"Hey, who turned out the lights?" Oh, I guess I passed out for a minute.


Senorita said...

"Likes the feel of rain on his body when making love"


Sounds like the man is horny and homeless.

Charmaine said...

He sounds like a freak to me.

There is something wrong with my blog. You're the only one that can comment.

How funny is that?

Amanda said...

I like bach #2..."strange" is not an insult. How elborate is this party??

Why do we not get a pic of "the other interesting option"? I wanna see him!!! You may get bored with him though.

SweetPeaSurry said...

I'm sending you smelling salts and a new hat. I think that ought to cover your needs for stepping back out into the dating world!

blessings girl!

Lee Lik Yi said...

Ah, dear cyber mum, definitely the first one. He DOES seem nice.