Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love Boat

“Love, exciting and new. Climb aboard…we’re expecting youuuuuu”.

Man oh man I wanted on that boat. I knew I’d make a better cruise director then…what was her name? Julie?

I hated her hair. I just KNEW she was a hussy and a drug addict. It’s in the eyes people.

Finally I got my wish. I climbed aboard The Love Boat.

It really WAS “exciting and new”.

One night we both cried while in an, er…compromising position. I was overcome with emotion and reckless in my failure to observe decorum and, um, possibly drunk.

Just gazing at him, my hand caressing the remaining strand of hair on his head was enough to send me.

On our final day together he said he was SO busy I would have to drive to the 405 freeway to meet him for breakfast. He had an important meeting to attend.

30 minutes later he called to say he had rented a van and was speeding to his x-wife to help her move.

I guess he wasn’t that busy after all.


Senorita said...

So does mean that this is the end of you and your king ?

Sorry, don't know anything about The Love Boat.

Charmaine said... are such a bitch Senorita.

Which is why I love you, of course.

But I WILL smack you. Come here, just a little closer...closer....


Briana said...

I LOVED the Love Boat. But I hated Julie, too.

HOA Mgr Lady said...

I loved the Love Boat... Julie was a bitter woman and way too accomdating in her prudish way. You are well rid of the King. I hate it when we love men like him Why I ask you WHY is it always THOSE type of men? I bet he is still/or wants to still bed his Ex. Men NEVER do nothin for nothin. It's always for a reason. Moving someone is young men's work not older (cough) men with alleged back issues.

Charmaine said...

HOA, of course I know it's true.

But she doesn't want him. Not in the least.

He'll learn someday what a fool he was.

I can't cure stupid.

Joanie M said...

Julie used to be my cousin's room mate, once upon a time.

And yeah. she was a bitch.

Especially after she got that role as Julie.

Charmaine said...


I just knew it. I did.

SweetPeaSurry said...

I love that photo of you, it's gorgeous!!!

Are you and the King finito? Or just finished for the next five minutes? *giggles*

Gods love ya girl, blessings!

webberpa said...

Man, I LOVED the love boat...those 70's t.v. shows just make today's t.v. look dull to me. Helping his ex-wife to move? Is that what they call it now? The last time I helped my ex move it was messy, I am a horrible packer, if you know what I mean.

tony said...

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